Students are responsible for organizing housing themselves. Several partner institutions offer the opportunity to apply for student housing. The exchange agreement between universities, often includes a priority for international students I relation to accommodation.

You apply for student housing at the same time as you apply to the partner university, or sometimes after you have received the admission letter. This may vary, always read the information you receive from the host university carefully.

Some of our partners do not have their own student housing. If that is the case, you have to look for accommodation in the private market.

Things to think about before renting:

  • Check the host universities website for information about the private marked. Most universities have tips and advices on this online.
  • Talk to former students and ask for their experiences on our Facebook page for exchange students.
  • Please wait to sign any housing contract until you have received your offer of admission.
  • Do not pay the deposit until you are sure the apartment is in the condition you expected it to be. It may be a good idea to stay temporarily in a hostel and look for an apartment while you are at there.