Learning Agreement

Every exchange from USN to a partner university has to be pre-approved using a Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement sets out the programme of the studies or the traineeship to be followed abroad. 

What you need to do to get pre-approval:

  1. Start early by reading up on the websites of the host university.It may take some time to find out which subjects you want to take. For Traineeships, the contact person at USN international office will complete the Learning Agreement together with the host university.
  2. Study your host institution’s course catalogue and prepare a list of courses you want to take. Search for “course catalogue” and choose the faculty or subject area that suits you.
  3. Make a list of subjects that are relevant to you and sent it by email (including links to the subject description) to your student adviser. The student adviser ensures that the list is sent to the programme coordinator for approval. The sending Institution, USN, must approve the curses as a component of your degree.
  4. The pre-approved courses constitute a Learning Agreement/Training Agreement.


You must have pre-approval/learning agreement because:

  • It is a prerequisite for exchange to receive recognition in your degree for the educational components successfully completed abroad, so that stay abroad would not lead to delay in your studies.   
  • It ensures that the courses completed abroad replace the courses you would otherwise have taken at USN.
  • To confirm the pre-approval, both you and the Programme Coordinator must sign the Learning Agreement. 
  • In case of changes in course or Internship content, you must apply to USN for re-approval. The application must be sent to the Programme Coordinator at USN, and a copy to International Relations Section. The Programme Coordinator at USN must approve all changes and sign an updated Learning Agreement. A copy of the updated Learning Agreement must also be sent to International Relations Section. Re-approval is utterly important; otherwise, there is a risk that the courses completed abroad cannot be approved as a part of your degree at USN.



All our Erasmus+ partner institutions uses the same credit system, ECST. ESCT credits are based on the workload a student needs to complete during the mobility, and allow for your credits awarded from one programme to be transferred into another. The Learning Agreement/Pre-Approval of subjects you will receive before the mobility, also includes information about credits/ECST. This is to make sure that your achievements abroad are recognized as a part of your degree at USN.

If exchange to other countries, you will be informed of how many credits etc. which corresponds to an ECTS credit.

Learning Agreements

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