During Your Exchange

We want students to keep in touch with us during the exchange. Feel free to send us an email stating that you have arrived or if you are experiencing something difficult. We are also happy to hear from you if everything is fine and you are happy with your stay.

It is important that students respond to emails and provide feedback when requested.

If you are planning to cancel your stay, it is important that you notify the International Relations Section at USN.

Contact information and change of address

As soon as you have obtained accommodation in the host country, you must update your contact information in StudentWeb. Remember to pay semester fees to USN the usual way.

Safety on exchange

1. Visit Sikresiden.no to read up on advises on what you should do in emergencies and preventive measures you can take

 2. Add +47 31 00 89 00 (USN Emergency management) to your contact list before departure

3. Register your stay abroad. This is for your own safety, and for us to keep in touch with you should anything happen

Always follow advice from employees at the host university about which areas are safe and unsafe. Participate in orientation and/or introduction programs where this is offered

In addition to formal laws, be aware of norms and unwritten laws. Show respect for locals and get to know the local conditions

Change of course

If you must change course, or if the host University for some reason is unable to offer courses listed in your Learning Agreement, you must apply to USN for re-approval. Similar to the original Learning Agreement, this document must be signed by the student, host institution, and USN. This is to make sure the curses listed in the updated Learning Agreement are recognized as a part of your degree at USN.

Extension of the exchange 

If you want to extend the length of your exchange, it is important to contact your Exchange advisor at the host institution as soon as possible. You must prepare a plan outlining the courses you wish to take during the second semester. A new Learning Agreement must be made for approval.

Sjømannskirken (Norwegian church abroad)

We have an agreement with Sjømannskirken which includes care and crisis management towards students / staff and relatives. The agreement means that you as a student on exchange can contact Sjømannskirken if you need help and support where you are. You may use the the 24-hour open emergency phone: +47 951 19 181.

Sjømannskirken has student priests in all parts of the world and is represented in many countries. You can also visit Sjømannskirkens website for students (only in Norergian) where you can find a complete overview and where the churches are located. You can also download the free app.

Doctor and hospital 

Don’t be afraid to contact local doctors and hospitals. They tend to have as good knowledge of diseases in their own country/region as Norwegian doctors. Be aware that private clinics and hospitals often hold a better standard than public hospitals. Remember to check what your travel insurance covers and bring your insurance certificate.

What to do if hospitalized:

  1. Contact your dependent if you are able to do so
  2. Contact your host institution and USN
  3. Report to your insurance company
  4. Contact your nearest embassy if necessary
  5. Keep all the receipts for all your expenses. You can apply for a refund of your expenses through  Folketrygden/your insurance company

Share your exchange experiences

As an exchange student, you are valuable to other students who are curious about taking a semester abroad. We really appreciate if you want to share your experiences. There are many ways of doing this, you can blog about the exchange, write a travel letter or help us promote the exchange experience on social media.  

If you have further questions, or if you would like advices about student exchanges, please do not hesitate to contact us: international@usn.no

Exchange Abroad

USN Emergency number:
+47 31 00 89 00

Sikresiden is available for USN students and offers information for safety and emergency situations.

If you have any questions about going on an exchange or study abroad programme please contact us: international@usn.no or visit our FAQ on student exchange