Be yourself!

Inside we’re all the same

Together we’re stronger


At USN we work to maintain a positive environment for our students and employees. We work to maintain room for different points of view, so long as we continue to treat each other with respect.

USN strives to be a good place to study and work. For everyone. Period.

Words like "compassion" and "tolerance" sound great in public speeches, but what happens in everyday life? 

We have launched this campaign to raise awareness about how we treat each other in our daily lives. How do we interact with each other in all the moments that make up a day, a week, a month, and a year at USN?

We know that an increasing number of students in Norway are struggling with mental health. There are many reasons for this, and these struggles might have started before coming to USN. We believe that the friends you meet at USN and time with the university staff can help. If you are struggling, please reach out. 

The board of the USN has clearly stated that:

  • Our values are based on the fact that knowledge will give you the courage to invest and power to grow
  • We build the organization on the principle of equality and gender equality 
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination 
  • Employees at USN will have a courteous and respectful approach in meetings with external partners, colleagues, managers and students.

How can we help you?

Both USN and the Student Welfare Organisation have counselors who can help.

You are not the only one who experiences challenges. For instance, more than half of our students need extra time to complete their studies. Below you’ll learn about where to ask for help and advice on:

  • Exam fail and lack of study progression
  • How to improve study techniques
  • Need for facilitation
  • Uncertainty about career choices
  • Someone to talk to
  • Student Democracy


Student counselor - your closest assistant

Do not hesitate to contact your student counselor if you are have questions about your study program. Her / her name can be found on the study program. Your student counselor accepts applications for leave of absent and reduced study progress, explains regulations and helps to adjust individual study plans etc.


Tips and tricks on how to study smarter

Do you need to polish your study skills a bit? We provide tips and tricks to help you study smarter. You will also find our various studying courses in your campus calendar. We have offices at campus Vestfold, Kongsberg, Drammen and Ringerike, but we are of course also available to students visiting us from other campuses, or through Skype.

Contact us at rå

Do you have special needs?

If you suffer from vision loss, hearing loss, mobility problems, dyslexia, psychosocial difficulties or face other challenges in your academic life, you may be eligible for special needs assistance.

Contact us at


Help with choosing the right career

Do you struggle with motivation? Do you have a nagging feeling that you chose the wrong study program? Our career guides are ready to help you sort your thoughts about the path you've taken.

Book an hour by sending an email to USN Career has offices at Campus Vestfold. Everyone can visit us there, but of course we are also available on Skype.

Someone to talk to?

The Student Welfare Organization offers professional help for you who just need to clear your mind or someone to talk to. We also provide help for those who struggles with bigger issues. SSN Health has experienced therapists on all campuses. The door is open for everyone and no questions are too small or large.

Counselors and psychologists are available, regardless of whether you need a short chat or follow up over time. The offer is free and of course our conversations are strictly confidential.

Choose campus affiliation and book an hour at

Student chaplain

Sometimes life can feel like a maze where the way out is impossible to find. It might be down to anything from a broken heart to difficult thoughts or big questions. When this happens a conversation can help you get a new perspective.

As student chaplains we have extensive experience in talking with people during different phases of life. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. You can come to us with whatever you are concerned about. Obviously, we have a duty of confidentiality.

All campuses:


Student democracy

The Student Democracy is also working to ensure that everybody gets the best possible study situation and can help you with what you need. All study programmes must have elected representatives and on all campuses there is a campus board who can help with issues, small and large.