Corona virus: Information for student and staff

Koronaviruset - bilde

Domestic Covid-19 restrictions are removed from Saturday 25th of September.

On Saturday 25th September,  the domestic Covid-19 restrictions were liftet. We can now return to a more normal everyday life, but with a higher contingency level. Your are no longer required to socially distance, and we can take advantage of the full capacity in meeting rooms, restaurants, etc. Rules regarding the number of people who can participate in events are phased out.

Please remember that even after restrictions are lifted, a higher contingency level will be maintained.

The following requirements will still apply:

  • Keeping a good hand hygiene.
  • If you get symptoms of a respiratory infection, you should get yourself tested. This also applies to people who are vaccinated
  • If you become infected with corona, you must isolate yourself to avoid infecting others.
  • It is recommended that unvaccinated people who are living with someone who has been infected, should be tested or quarantined. Close acquaintances who are unvaccinated, do not need to go into quarantine, but they should take a test.
  • Please note that there are still some restrictions for international travelling.

For further information, please see the government's websites

Guidelines for staff and students in connection with Covid–19



Campus information

All campuses: 

National infection control measures apply on all campuses. 

Campuses are open to students, including libraries and reading rooms. On-campus teaching activities are allowed for groups of students, but larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided. Exams will take place as planned. The staff members should continue to work from home if possible.

USNs Emergency Phone for corona

The emergency telephone is answered Bjørnulf Stokvik, Ingrid Reitan, Merete Varpe og Inger Lene Solheim. It is important that the phone number is only in use in situations where it is urgent to contact the emergency management. Employees and students should first seek information on the website or from their immediate supervisor.