Corona Restrictions from 8th of  February

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Which guidelines apply now? Here is an overview of the corona infection control measures at USN.

In recent weeks, we have had to make several changes in corona guidelines on many campus. It can be difficult to keep track of all the changes. Here are the guidelines we follow from Monday 8th of February and onwards, on all campuses.

Teaching Activities

All students at USN follows the class schedules set for the Spring semester, with both digital and on-campus teaching activities. The class schedules comply with the general corona restrictions, and allow for good infection control when it comes to keeping distance. The capacity of rooms and auditoriums is about half of what is normal, and there will not be too many students on campus at the same time.  

Why do students have to show up on campus?

Some students are happy to be able to attend classes on campus, while others prefer digital teaching activities. National guidelines state that universities should use digital tools in teaching where possible, but it allows for on-campus teaching in small groups in locations without high infection pressure.

USN has scheduled on-campus teaching activities because it is not possible to conduct all teaching digitally without deterioration of the quality of education.  For many students, it is crucial for professional development, progression and motivation that they are able to meet teachers and fellow students on campus and work together in the course.

It is safe to be on campus

USN takes many measures to ensure that everyone is safe on campuses. Among other things, there should not be too many students on campus at the same time. Everyone must keep a good distance from each other, both during teaching activities and during breaks. Each individual has a responsibility to follow infection control rules and measures. Show consideration for students who are very anxious about the infection, even if you are not worried. Feel free to use a face mask.

None of USN's campuses are located in municipalities that are part of ring 1 or ring 2. Students and staff who live in the municipalities belonging to ring 1 or 2 may also come to the campus and participate in teaching activities. This commute is considered necessary travel.

Home office

Staff members on campus Drammen should preferably work from a home office. Drammen municipality has adopted a local regulation that requires employers to ensure that employees work from home as much as it is practically possible. Staff members on other campuses may, in consultation with the immediate manager, work from home if the work tasks allow for this.

Travel between campuses should be avoided as much as possible, and meetings should be conducted digitally as far as possible.

Follow the authorities' recommendations

Changes to local restrictions may happen at short notice if the infection situation develops negatively. We encourage everyone to follow the information in your home municipality.

USN encourages staff members and students to follow national and local guidelines and regulations to limit the spread of infection. Feel free to download the new infection tracking app Smittestopp -