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Covid-19 – International degree students and international exchange students

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For many of our international students, new questions occur concerning the question “should I stay or should I go”? Please note that USN recommends all those who have the opportunity in this current situation, to return to their home countries.

This especially applies to students who are staying as exchange students and are depending on having flights back home at the end of their semester.

We know that most degree students are more likely to continue their stay in Norway. However, all students should, in the current situation, consider the option to return to their home countries.


For those of you who would like to stay, the following applies:

Please respect the guidelines and limits set by the Norwegian authorities when it comes to Norwegian everyday life and travelling. Unfortunately you might experience a lot of limitations in the upcoming weeks, which is not what we wanted for you, during your stay in Norway.

Our campuses are closed for all, both students and staff. Students with special needs will have limited access to campus. Further details will follow soon. Access to campus applies to the following groups from Monday, March 16:

  • Students living in student accommodation on campus.
  • Students who do not have internet access at home.
  • International students who choose not to go home, but want to continue their stay in Norway.

From Monday 16th March, teaching and supervision will be carried out online. In the few cases where this is not possible, teaching will be cancelled. This will be the situation until after Easter (including Monday 13th April.)  A new assessment will be made before the Easter holidays. Students are asked to stay informed through Canvas, our online learning system.

In case you are, or have been, travelling outside Norway/the Nordic countries and are/have been returning back to Norway: Please remember that you need to respect the 14 days home quarantine decided by the Norwegian health authorities. This is important, to prevent the spread of the virus further.

Medical services, immigration and residence permits

In case you have any symptoms of flu, in terms of dry cough, high fever or similar – get in touch by phone with your local doctor or emergency room to check if you should be tested. The national phone number to reach local/regional emergency rooms is 116 117

In case you need any confirmation from the health authorities regarding your membership in the Norwegian health insurance scheme, please contact your local NAV office; www.nav.no / https://www.nav.no/en/home/rules-and-regulations/membership-of-the-national-insurance-scheme

Immigration: For all foreigners with a valid residence permit/study permit in Norway, there should be of no problem to continue their stay. Please note that restrictions have been put on citizens from outside the EEA area who do not have a residence permit/study permit in Norway. Please check for more information at https://www.udi.no/en/about-the-corona-situation/


USN is preparing for digital exams, and will get back to all students with further information soon. This goes for all students, all programmes.  USN will take care of our students' study progression. Students shall be provided with an assessment that is impartial and professionally reassuring, although the form of examination will be different from what is stated in the course syllabus

Opening hours on campus

The campuses will remain closed until further notice. Students who wish to continue their stay will have limited access to campus buildings and facilities. All cafeterias will be closed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause to you all.

Last, but not least: USN deeply regret the situation we are all in. We strongly believe in the value of internationalization and we had hoped that your stay in Norway would be special. Obviously – now it has, but not in the way we would like to see. We wish you all the best for the upcoming weeks and months, and for those of you who are returning home – safe travels!

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at international@usn.no

For restrictions and guidelines concerning student accommodation and SSN services, please keep in touch with SSN at ssn.no/home

Please stay updated at: usn.no/corona

Need someone to talk to in difficult times? Please note that SSN's councelling services are still open, and they are offering digital services for students who are stuck at home. Please check https://www.ssn.no/health/ for more details.