Digital teaching on all USN-campuses

Bilde av student foran pc med digital undervising

All USN campuses are now subject to strict infection prevention measures. Five campuses are closed to students, while some activities still can be carried out on Bø, Notodden and Rauland. Staff must work from home if possible.

The new national measures apply from and including Thursday March 25.

Digital teaching

All campuses have switched to digital teaching for the time being. This applies until April 12. New information will be provided prior to this date.

Five campuses are closed to students

The new measures do not involve changes for the campuses in Viken, Vestfold and Porsgrunn which are located in municipalities that already have stricter national regulations based on the covid-19 regulations' measure level 5A.  Campuses in these locations are completely closed to students, including libraries and reading rooms.

Some activity permitted on Notodden, Bø and Rauland

Teaching on campus Bø, Rauland and Notodden is now digital, but libraries will remain open, and reading room places will be arranged for students who need them. Students who are scheduled to take written school exams, skills training or experiments /workshops which cannot be conducted digitally, and which are necessary to maintain study progression, may do this on campus. Information will be provided in Canvas.

Two meter distance

Up to now we have been advised to keep at least one meter distance to others. Now the recommended distance is increased to (at least) two meters. Facemasks should be worn if it is not possible to maintain sufficient distance, for example during skills training on campus.

Home office

Employees must work from home as far as it is practically feasible.