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News about the Corona/Covid 19 Situation (for Incoming Full-Degree Students)


In this page we have gathered all the relevant links you need to have in order for follow the corona situation as it pertains to you as a new incoming international student. In order to avoid posting old information we have provided web links leading directly to the relevant pages at Immigration Authorities (UDI), Student housing, USN Corona news etc.

Corona and Study Start, Fall 2021

We hope to see all students in Norway and on campus in August 2021. If the corona situation still prevents students from entering Norway on time for study start, we will try to provide online- options until the situation is resolved.

The Study Permits/VISA  

The immigration authorities (UDI) is in charge of issuing both visas and student permits. 

All questions regarding Study Permit/Visa must be directed to the local embassies/VFS-offices. The University does not handle these issues beyond issuing the Letter of Admission.

A link to UDIs information page for current Corona-related news: UDI News

Deposits and Housing

The Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway (SNN) handles the deposits and housing for our incoming new students. Your deposit (for study permit) will be refunded if you should not be able to come in August (minus a small banking fee of about 20 Euros). All other questions regarding to deposits should be directed to: post@ssn.no.

Kindly follow the housing situation for students here: SSN News

Health Related News (Corona)

For general information concerning the restrictions in Norway due to the Corona Virus, you can check the following webpages:

Any questions? Kindly send us an email to admissions@usn.no