Closes canteens and gyms


The Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway closes canteens, gyms and bookstores, and plans for more digital contact with students in current situation.

To limit the development of the coronavirus-infection, SSN has introduced the following measures:

Canteens and places to eat

All canteens and places to eat on USN's campuses, except Cafe Åtte in Kongsberg, will close from tomorrow, Friday, March 13th through April 13th.

Gyms / fitness-centers

SSN closes the fitness centers in Vestfold and Ringerike from today at. 16:00 to April 13th. This also applies to the swimming pool in Vestfold. Moov fitness center in Drammen will be closed for two weeks from this afternoon.


At SSN Health, all calls will be conducted on skype or telephone from today.


SSN operates bookstore on three campuses; Vestfold, Ringerike and Kongsberg. Bookstores will close from tomorrow, Friday, until April 13th. The bookstores that are not owned by SSN, in Drammen, Notodden and Porsgrunn there are other owners that have to make decisions.


The kindergartens are not affected at this time. SSN follows the health authorities' recommendations.

Student service

Student service will be maintained on all campuses, but SSN encourages contact via email or phone.