The Situation in Kongsberg - be careful with social media

Campus Kongsberg
Campus Kongsberg (Krona) (Photo: Tine Poppe/USN)

USN encourages everyone to be careful about what you read / open and share on social media, related to the killings in Kongsberg on Wednesday night.

(Updated 12:30 PM - Friday)

The background is information from the police that a number of videos are now being spread. It can be difficult to assess the content of what you open or share and what effect it can have on yourself and others.

Campus Kongsberg (Krona) and Irgensgården are open for teaching and work. Students are requested follow Canvas for detailed information about their own teaching.

Students and staff who need someone to talk to:

  • USN's student priests Pernille Astrup and Kristian Gotehus Køhn can be contacted by phone: (Astrup: 47401110 and Køhn: 90074770)
  • Psychologists from SSN Health are also available for drop-in calls. Students who need someone to talk to can contact SSN in the bookstore.
  • The reception center established at Gyldenløve hotel will be open to anyone in need, and a psychosocial crisis team will be available.
  • Kongsberg church is open to anyone who needs to gather there.
  • Kongsberg municipality continuously update their website (in Norwegian)

We ask everyone to take care of each other in this difficult situation.

The website will be updated as soon as we have new information about the situation.

USN's contact for media

Rector Petter Aasen, mob: +47 995 29 024