How to manage your studies outside of campus

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For the moment our everyday life is set on hold, and we must all try to adapt to a slightly different routine. As a student you must try to find a way to go on with your studies outside campus, says USN's advisors and student pastor. Read on for their advice.

It can be a challenging to have your daily routines changed, and without your usual co-students to talk to and work with. Luckily it is possible to keep in touch with each other, continue to work together and give each other help, support and encouragement.  You don’t have to be alone! All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you will be able to talk to your friends as often as you like to.

We recommend you to continue to work together, and to maintain a working routine and try to separate studies from leisure time. We all need leisure time to charge our motivation and creativity.

We give you some of our tips for how to study smart, we hope you will find them useful. Remember that there is no rules that applies to all of us when it comes to manage studies, you must find the techniques that suites you best.

We are here to help you, and you can email us if you have questions regarding how to manage your studies outside of campus: 

Whether the matter is big or small, you can also contact our student-pastor Pernille.

How to stay motivated

Remind yourself why you started these studies, and imagine how good it will feel when you accomplish your goals. Reward yourself on the way.

  • Keep your working sessions short. Mastering shorter goals will often motivate you to do more work than you planned on.
  • Use different techniques for learning, both reading, watching tutorials films and discussing with costudents.
  • Talk to other students on Skype! Inspire each other by setting goals together!
  • Ask questions when you read, ask yourself what the meaning of the text is and define core concepts.
  • Start with readin the material that you find most interesting to read, to boost your motivation.

Techniques for efficient reading

  • Get to know the material before you go into details. Get an overview and find out what you are supposed to learn here.
  • Adapt reading speed to how complex the text is. New material needs to be absorbed more thoroughly than material that you are familiar with.
  • A good reading strategy for academic texts can be described like this: OVERVIEW ASK  QUESTIONS– READ – MAKE A SUMMARY

(In Norwegian its called OSLO-technique: OVERSIKT – SPØR – LES – OPPSUMMER)

How to take useful notes

  • Make notes when you find it difficult to concentrate on the reading. It keeps you going when you switch between reading and writing.
  • Take notes on what you have learnt from the whole subject, to test your memory and understanding.
  • Make small summaries to test how well you remember what you just read, this is an efficient way to test booth your knowledge and understanding.
  • Use mindmapping, make big sheets that you can hang around the house for repetition.

General tips

  • Be aware of “time thieves” (Instagram, Snap, Facebook…)
  • Forget multitasking – it does not exist!
  • Put your phone away for specific period, see if you can train yourself to be off for longer periods.
  • Fresh air, exercise, friends, healthy food and enough sleep – is good for you.
  • Try to find a way to separate working space from all other activities – and make yourself comfortable


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