USN-project in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan

Participants in the project. Photo

Faculty of Arts and Sciences has been in Georgia for official commissioning of the project "Sustainable Tourism: Rural Entrepreneurship and Heritage."

The project will run over four years and is funded by the SIU. It was a lot of competition for project funding this year, and it was therefore very gratifying to get through with application of 6 million NOK. Professionals from all departments at campus Bø are involved in the project.
Project activities are planned exchange of students and staff between the three countries, preparation of shorter courses, extensive cooperation with industry, student-driven research and a focus on improving the quality of teaching.
There are also plans for three summer schools, where the first will be held in Bø this coming August.
On start-up meeting in Georgia attended both administrative and academic from USN with corresponding colleagues from the partner universities.
In addition to the signing of project agreements, was held a mini-seminar on rural tourism where Gudrun Helgadottir (IØI) and Inger Birkeland (IKHM) lectured.
Project managers and executives from USN are Tim Abessadze and Anne Gry Sturød.

The project is a continuation of previous project cooperation with Kyrgyzstan and Georgia.
The partners are:

Bishkek Academy of Finance and Academics (KG), Kyrgyz Economic University (KG), Issyk Kul State University (KG), Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (GE), Batumi State Maritime Academy (GE) and Akaki Tstereteli State University ( GE). The last two are new partners who have not participated in previous projects with USN.