You can get your coronavirus tests here

Illustrasjon: Korona

USN’s campuses are in eight different municipalities, and each municipality has its regulations on coronavirus testing. Here is an overview of what you can do if you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus infection.

You find telephone numbers to call listed under, at each campus.

If it is a queue or it takes a wild before you get an answer - do not hang up - hold the line until someone answers.

Campus Bø

If you are experiencing symptoms, call corona number at 35 05 93 59 to set an appointment for testing. You can get advice and information here and can get tested without a doctor’s referral.

Test site: The test tent at the Volunteer Centre in Bø (Stasjonsvegen 4)

Information about coronavirus testing in Midt-Telemark Municipality

Campus Drammen

If you suspect coronavirus symptoms, call 32 04 60 00 (lines open every day between 08.00-22.00) to set an appointment for testing.

Test site: The car park at Fylkeshuset in Drammen

Information about coronation testing in Drammen municipality

Notodden Campus

Students on the Notodden campus can call the municipality's coronavirus hotline at 91 10 93 36. Health personnel will assess whether you can get the test. The phone lines are open on weekdays from 09:00-4:00.

Test site: Brannstasjonen, Merdevegen 12E, 3676 Notodden

Information about coronation testing in Notodden municipality

Campus Porsgrunn

Students and staff at the Porsgrunn campus can call 913 89 392 between 08:00-15:00 (Monday-Friday) to get tested.

Test site: St. Hansåsen local medical center, Jønholt Terrasse 30, 3922 Porsgrunn (follow the signs)

Information about coronation testing in Porsgrunn municipality

Kongsberg Campus

Set an appointment for the coronavirus test at the emergency room by calling 32 86 68 10 (Monday-Friday) between 08.30-11.00 and 12.00-15.00. You can also book a test appointment online.

Test site: Kongsberghallen parking lot. Address: Numedalsveien 80, 3617 Kongsberg. Follow the signs from the intersection at Kiwi Numedalsveien.

Order a test for coronavirus on Kongsberg municipality's website

Rauland Campus

Call Vinje doctor's office 35 06 25 00 if you suspect you have coronavirus symptoms.

Test site: Vinje doctor's office, Vinjevegen 212, 3890 Vinje

Information about coronation testing at Rauland / Vinje municipality

Ringerike Campus

The Infection Control Office at the Health Office in Ringerike tests on weekdays. Call 941 40 707 on weekdays between 09.00 - 15.00. If you are in a hurry to get tested, contact the emergency room.

Test site: Familiens Hus (in the backyard), Storgaten 13, 3510 Hønefoss

Information about coronation testing in Ringerike municipality

Campus Vestfold

You can arrange a test without a referral from your GP. Call 481 14 226 on weekdays between 12.00 - 16.00, an weekends between 12.00 - 14.00. The test is free, and once you have set a test appointment, you will receive an SMS with the exact time when you will be tested.

Test site: The emergency room in Horten, Harald Pedersensgate 9, 3184 Horten

Set an appointment for coronavirus test via the Horten municipality's website



Are you depending on transport to get to the test center? Call a taxi on the following number:

  • Bø: 7613 7700
  • Drammen: 05060
  • Kongsberg: 08000
  • Notodden: 3501 1349
  • Porsgrunn: 03563
  • Rauland: 9927 8757
  • Ringerike: 3213 3213
  • Vestfold: 334 20 200

Please inform the taxi company that you need a transport to take you to the test center. They might want to send a maxi taxi for this occasion. Please note that there might be some waiting time before the pick-up at your home. Ask the taxi company at what time they can pick you up.  Note that you need a mask to cover your face as well as gloves, for a taxi trip to the test center.

You may get a refund of your transport expenses. Please keep the receipt from the taxi. Send an e-mail to with the receipt to apply for a refund.

At the test center:

If you are an international student holding a Norwegian social security number – you will be able to see your test results at a few days after the test has been taken.

If you are an international student without a Norwegian social security number – you will need to call to check the status of your test. Ask at the test center for the procedures and for contact information where to call.

Wondering if you should get a coronavirus test?

This information may help you: corona-check on

Calling to take a test? Please note that there most probably will be a waiting time by phone, to get through to the health services. Please do not hang up, but keep your position in the line. You will receive help, but most probably after some waiting time.

Leaving Norway and required to take a test before departure? Please note that some airline companies and different countries have different requirements for Corona testing ahead of departure from Norway. It is your responsibility as student to keep up with the guidelines and requirements for your country and airline company. Contact your local test centre or eventually use Dr. Dropin and ask for the possibility to take a test which gives you a rapid answer. As per April 30th students are themselves responsible for covering eventual costs for testing ahead of departure to home countries.