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Such is January at USN

Student som jobber på campus.

USN's campuses are open to staff and students, but in line with national infection control rules and guidelines, most of the teaching activities will be conducted digitally until the 18th of January. A few activities crucial to the students' progression will take place on campus.

- We welcome students and staff back to a new semester. The Government and the Ministry of Education and Research have given some recommendations on how we should avoid the spread of infection in the coming weeks. The authorities, however, also emphasize that we must take care of the students' learning environment and study progression in the best possible way. We must try to fulfill both of these expectations, says Rector Petter Aasen.

USN has campuses in eight municipalities. Variations in local guidelines and regulations mean that there may be slightly different rules pertaining to different campuses. Everyone who stays on campus should familiarize themselves with the USN guidelines. The aim for infection control measures is to stop the spread of the infection much as possible.

Digital teaching activities and internships/clinical practice go as planned

The teaching activities will mainly take place digitally on all campuses until the 18th of January. Students will receive information about their lectures in Canvas.

There are some exceptions:

  • Work and exercises in laboratories, workshops and SIM centers that are necessary to maintain study progression can be carried out as planned, provided that the infection control guidelines are complied with. USN has developed a guideline for work in laboratories and workshops.
  • Some exams will be conducted on campus until 18th of January. This is considered necessary in view of maintaining study progression. The infection control guidelines will and must be followed.
  • Some USN students have planned internships/clinical practice during the current period. In some studies, it is not possible to postpone clinical practice or to replace it with other activities. USN will assess each individual case in accordance with the advice given by the Ministry of Education.
  • A meeting will be held for incoming international students on campus on Friday 15th of January.
  • Some planned outdoor activities will be carried out.

International students

International students must follow the infection control regulations when entering Norway, which involves a stay in a quarantine hotel. Study advisors and staff in the Section for Internationalization will keep in touch with students who are on their way into the country, and provide good information about the current infection control regulations.

International students who have been on Christmas vacation in their home countries must also follow the regulations upon entry. Everyone who enters Norway must register in the digital entry register:

Registration of arrival to Norway - regjeringen.no

Open campuses

USN's campuses remain open. Students and staff are welcome to use the premises, provided that the infection control guidelines are complied with. Services such as libraries, bookstores and student health services are open. Some facilities have limited opening hours. The physical exercise facilities follow local guidelines, and they are open for individual training on all campuses except for Drammen.

Home office

As a general rule, the staff at USN  must work from home, if the work tasks allow for this.  This applies until 18th of  January. Staff at the Drammen campus must work from home for as long as the municipal regulations apply.

Social contact must be minimized

The Government encourages everyone to have as little social contact as possible in the next two weeks. This also applies to students. The purpose of the regulation is to break a possible new wave of infection.

- This is not the start of the semester that we had wanted. We are concerned about our students, and understand that they find student life under these circumstances to be difficult. But we have to get through this together, says Rector Petter Aasen.

He asks both staff and students to follow national and local regulations. He also reminds that FHI asks us to download the new infection tracking app Smittestopp - helsenorge.no.