Covid-19 information for international incoming students

Due to the covid-19 situation, the rules, requirements and restrictions in Norway can change on short notice.

We will update this website frequently, but we kindly ask you stay informed on the current restrictions on all times. 

When making your travel arrangements there are two things you need to be aware of:  

  • Make sure that your tickets are refundable. USN recommends their students to find flexible and refundable options if available. USN will not cover any extra travel expenses if you for some reason are unable to travel to Norway on the given date you have booked your ticket.  

  • Make sure you have insurance. USN recommends students consider additional insurance coverage that can specifically cover any consequences of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  

Please stay updated at all times on the current rules and restrictions in Norway, especially for incoming travel.

Important information on arrival (updated April 30, 2021) 

Entry restrictions for students coming to Norway: For the time being, students without a residence card are not permitted to enter to Norway.

Covid-19 test before arrival: Those that are allowed to enter the country have to present a negative Covid-19 test, no older than 24 hours. You also have to register online 72 hours before departure. 
The government has set certain requirements for the negative Covid-19 test, please make sure that you have read and understood these requirements. 

Mandatory testing after arrival: As of the 2nd of January 2021, the government has imposed mandatory testing or Covid-19 for all travellers to Norway uppon arrival at border controls/airports. Therefore, travellers must enter Norway through border stations with testing facilities or through border stations with police control. Make sure to check that the border control you plan to arrive at is open. NOTE: This does not impact the rule of a negative test upon arrival, and you still have to present a negative test.

Quarantine hotels: More information about quarantine hotels will be given closer to summer when we know more about the rules and regulations for incoming students. 

USN covers the cost of quarantine hotels (500/night) for international incoming students. More detailed information will be launched by the end of June.

Check out helsenorge for more information on entry to Norway.

Health-related information 

  • If you are a European citizen, remember to bring your European Health Card This card must be presented at all doctor’s appointments, emergency room receptions etc or else your expenses might not be covered.  

  • If you are a citizen from a non-EU country, you must have a valid health insurance that will cover your expenses. This also applies to full-degree seeking students that are residing for more than 6 months, as it can take a long time before you are registered and can use the national health insurance scheme.  

  • Remember that even though you are covered, you will most likely have to pay a small fee when visiting the doctor, going to the hospital etc. This is usually around 20-40 euros.