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Covid-19 information for international incoming students

Due to the covid-19 situation, the rules, requirements and restrictions in Norway can change on short notice.

We will update this website frequently, but we kindly ask you stay informed on the current restrictions on all times. 

These rules and regulations are valid as of 22th of December 2021. 

Travelling to Norway

Further restrictions

As of 3rd of December, the government has further restricted the incoming travel regulations. For example, all incoming travellers must get tested upon entry or within 24 hours no matter what your vaccination status is. Please read the government's document before planning your arrival and see what rules and regulations applies to your situation.

Valid digital Covid Certificate

People who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 during the past 6 months and have a valid COVID certificate may enter Norway. They will not be subject to a duty to quarantine, but must be tested upon arrival and complete the entry registration.

The following certificates are valid upon entering Norway

  • Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Corona Certificates
  • EU's digital Covid Certificate
  • NHS Covid-pass from England and Wales
  • COVID certificate from Northern Ireland 
  • COVID-19 Vaccination certificate from Scotland

Certficates from outside of the EU's solution (except for british) are unfortunatly not valid upon entry to Norway as for now. If you are unsure wether your certificate is within EU's solutin, you can check the European Union's website. You may therefore need to undergo quarantine even though you are fully vaccinated. 

What to keep in mind

Those allowed to enter Norway, must still comply with current Norwegian entry restrictions. There are several mandatory requirements for entering Norway and these rules and demands for documentation changes on short notices so it is vital to keep yourself updated: 

When making your travel arrangements there are two things you need to be aware of:  

  • Make sure that your tickets are refundable. USN recommends their students to find flexible and refundable options if available. USN will not cover any extra travel expenses if you for some reason are unable to travel to Norway on the given date you have booked your ticket.  

  • Make sure you have sufficient insurance. USN recommends students consider additional insurance coverage that can specifically cover any consequences of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  

  • Do you have any specific questions about Covid-19 and arrival to Norway? Please check out the government's Q&A

Important information on arrival 

Covid-19 test before arrival:  Those arriving who does not have a valid EU vaccination passport must get tested before arriving in Norway. You must present a certificate showing a negative test result for SARS-CoV-2. The approved test methods are PCR or a rapid antigen test. The test must have been taken less than 24 hours before arrival in Norway.

Registration: All incoming travellers must register online 72 hours before departure no matter what country you are arriving from. 

Mandatory testing after arrival: Everyone arriving are imposed to mandatory testing or Covid-19 for all travellers to Norway upon arrival at border controls/airports or within 24 hours. This test is free. Please know that when the capasity is low at airports, not everyone will be tested on sight. 

Quarantine: As of the 26th of January, there is no longer any regulations regarding quarantine when entering Norway. The only exception is if you test positive upon entry. 

Regulations in Norway

We are now entering a period with stricter restrictions and as of now, everyone is obliged to keep 1 meter distance and if that is not possible you need to wear a mask. Always carry a mask with you. The best place to stay updated on the current rules and regulations is from the government and helsenorge. 

What applies in the classroom?

USN is now back to having in-person teaching on most campuses. We ask you to be careful and keep distance outside of the classroom. 

Testing and vaccination 

If you test positive on a self test you need to isolate and call the corona phone number in your municipality if you are experiencing symtoms. You may need a PCR test. All numbers are listed below under "testing" (vaccination for Ringerike). 




Book apointment at test center if you are having symptoms
35 05 93 59)

Call 35 05 93 59 


Self test (can be picked up at the test station Skogliveien 4). If positive book appointment for PCR at test station
(32 04 60 00)

Drop in 1st/2nd dose at Boots pharmacy Strømsø senter


Test to be taken at the test station (parking lot outside of Kongsberghallen) (32 86 68 10)

Drop in tuesdays 15-17
frogs vei 41


Self test (can be picked up at Notodden Teater if you have symptoms). If positive, confirm with PCR test at the test station. (+47 911 09 336)

Call 97053443. 


Test be taken at test station (St. Hansåsen lokalmedisinske senter )  (35 54 78 00)  

Drop in mon-thur:
C. E. Berg-Hanssens gate 20


Drop in at Osloveien 2, Hønefoss. Mon-Fri 8.30-11.00

Call +47 941 40 707


Test station at Stensarmen 9 (33 31 04 00)

Call 33 31 04 10