Covid-19 information for international incoming students

Due to the covid-19 situation, the rules, requirements and restrictions in Norway can change on short notice.

We will update this website frequently, but we kindly ask you stay informed on the current restrictions on all times. 

1. Travelling to Norway

As of July 5th, the government has decided that more people will be granted entry into Norway. We also ask you to check out udi's pages frequently. As of today, the 'exception: foreigners residing in green areas/countries' are the most important for international students. This means that international students are allowed entry into Norway, regardless of where they come from as of August 1st. 

'Safe' countries

As of the 5th of July, the government has decided to categorize countries by color which decides the regulations for quarantine and entry. The FHI has made a map showing the overview of which countries are deemed as green/safe. 

  • Green/safe countries: No requirment to get tested before coming to Norway and no need to quarantine. Still has to fill in the registration form before entering Norway and will get tested at the border upon entry (this is free). 
  • Orange countries: As for now, orange countries have the same restrictions as red countries. This may be subject for change later. 
  • (Dark)Red countries/: It's very limited who is allowed entry from these countries, those who are allowed entry must have a document providing a negative covid-19 test before departure, need to fill in the registration form, has to get tested upon entry, and they need to go into a quarantine hotel. 
  • Puprle countries: Same restrictions as red countries, the differences does not apply to non-Norwegian citizens. 

EU Digital COVID certificate

On Thursday 24 June, Norway will connect to the EU’s Digital COVID certificate gateway. People who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 during the past 6 months and have a valid COVID certificate may therefore enter Norway. They will not be subject to a duty to quarantine, test requirements, or entry registration. From 1 July, all European countries that are connected to the EUDCC gateway will be able to verify the Norwegian COVID-19 certificate at their borders.

What to keep in mind

Those allowed to enter Norway, must still comply with current Norwegian entry restrictions. There are several mandatory requirements for entering Norway and these rules and demands for documentation changes on short notices so it is vital to keep yourself updated: 

When making your travel arrangements there are two things you need to be aware of:  

  • Make sure that your tickets are refundable. USN recommends their students to find flexible and refundable options if available. USN will not cover any extra travel expenses if you for some reason are unable to travel to Norway on the given date you have booked your ticket.  

  • Make sure you have sufficient insurance. USN recommends students consider additional insurance coverage that can specifically cover any consequences of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  

  • Do you have any specific questions about Covid-19 and arrival to Norway? Please check out the government's Q&A

Important information on arrival 

Covid-19 test before arrival:  Those arriving from countries that are not deemed as 'safe'/'green' or have a valid EU vaccination passport must get tested before arriviing in Norway. The test can be no older than 24 hours. The exception from this is those arriving from green/safe countries or have a valid EU Vaccination passport.

Registration: You have to register online 72 hours before departure. There are certain exceptions, but we encourage everyone to register 'just in case'. 

Mandatory testing after arrival: As of the 2nd of January 2021, the government has imposed mandatory testing or Covid-19 for all travellers to Norway upon arrival at border controls/airports. This test is usually free. Therefore, travellers must enter Norway through border stations with testing facilities or through border stations with police control. Make sure to check that the border control you plan to arrive at is open.  The only exception is if you have a valid EU vaccination passport. If you are travelling from a safe/green country, you still need to be tested upon arrival.

Quarantine hotels: All incoming students should have recieved a document regarding quarantine hotels. USN covers the cost of quarantine hotels (500/night) for international incoming students. This is only for first-time arrival in Norway, if you leave the country and return later, USN will not cover a second period at a quarantine hotel. Most students will be placed in a designated quarantine hotel close to the border crossing/arrival airport in Norway. Please note that you cannot quarantine in the SSN student housing, you must complete the whole quarantine period in the designated hotel.

Check out helsenorge for more information on entry to Norway. 

2. Regulations in Norway

Life in Norway is very much "back to normal" although we still have cases of covid-19. Therefore everyone is asked to keep 1 meter distance at all times, and if this is not possible- please wear a mask. Especially on public transport this is important. The best place to stay updated on the current rules and regulations is from the government and helsenorge. 

What applies in the classroom?

As of 1st of September, the 1 meter rule does no longer apply during teaching activities at USN. Remember that this only applies to the teaching activities, and all other activities (social, after-school activities etc) are still required to keep a distance. Please note that this may be subject to change. 


Testing that the municipalities are in charge of are mostly reserved for those with symptoms and those who have been in close contact with confirmed infected. If you need to take a test before travelling, you will probably need to do it via a private health company. Check out dr.dropin and volvat for more information. 



For those of you that have not been vaccinated, you will recieve an offer to get vaccinated after arrival to Norway. 

You will recieve an email with information about the second dose of the vaccine. If you wish to get the 2nd dose of the vaccine in Midt-Telemark, please contact or call 35 05 93 59. 
Drammen A registration form has been sent out to all students. When this form has been filled out, your contact information is forwarded directly to Drammen municipality and you will be offered a vaccine date/time. 
Horten If you are studying in Horten, but are registered in another municipality: You may recieve the second dose of the vaccine here. You will need a Norwegian bankID to be able to register here . If you are unable to do so, please call: 33 08 50 00 between 9 am and 11 am on weekdays, to get in touch with the vaccination team

Students may get their second vaccine dose here, regardless of where you got your first dose. 
If you have a Norwegian BankID you may register at helseboka. Otherwise, you need to call + 47 32 86 68 03
Afterwards, please email and state:

  • Your name and birth date
  • Which vaccine you have recieved, and the date and location of where you recieved it. 

Notodden municipality has drop-in vaccinations on:

  • Monday, the 30th of August between 4pm-6pm
  • Thursday, the 2nd of September between 4pm-6pm

It takes place in the vaccine center at "Huset Vårt", Storgata 81. 

Please register at the municipality's webpage.


Porsgrunn has already informed the students of the possibility to get vaccinated. Please call +47 35 54 78 00 to book an appointment. Choose dial option 2. 

Vinje Municipality vaccinates students. If you are registererd as a resident you can book an appointment online. If you are not registered yet, please call (+47) 414 12 468
Ringerike Students should have recieved an online form via email to register for the second dose. If you have not recieved this, or have not gotten the first dose yet, please contact
Tønsberg Tønsberg municipality will send an email to all students with a an online form. If you have any issues, you can call +47 33 31 04 10
Have questions regarding this information?  Please contact directly.