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Train your brain like a viking

Learn about and try out the vikings' favorite strategy game, hnefatafl, at Midgard vikingsenter. As a part of the event one of Norway's best chess players, Johan-Sebastian Christiansen, will go head to head against former hnefatafl world champion Adam Bartley.

27 Sep

Practical information

Did you know that the vikings often played board games? Archaeologists and others have found many different game pieces and boards, and the various games also appear in the sagas and other written sources.

These games are often called "tafl games" ("tafl" can be translated to “board” or "table"), and among the most popular is the game hnefatafl (often translated as “the king's table”).

Professor Bjørn Bandlien will give a popular science presentation about why games such as hnefatafl were so widespread and what kind of function they may have had, beyond pure entertainment and time-consuming.

Afterwards, there will be a show match between the former world champion hnefatafl player and artist Adam Bartley and Norways third highest ranked chess player, Johan Sebastian Christensen.

After the match, the audience will get a chance to play themselves, under the guidance of hnefatafl-skilled Vikings affiliated with the Midgard Viking Center.


The event will be live streamed: https://edu.usn.no/medier/livesendinger

Part 1-3 of the program takes place in the Conference Hall at Midgard Viking Center, while part 4 takes place in Gildehallen (short walk from the conference hall).

• 13.00: Welcome by Hilde Margrethe Nielsen from Midgard Viking Center

• 13:05 part 1: popular science lecture on hnefatafl by Professor Bjørn Bandlien

• 13.30 part 2: World Tafl Federation presents themselves and explain the rules to be used in the match (Copenhagen 11x11).

• 14.00 part 3: match between Adam Bartley and Johan-Sebastian Christiansen.

• 15.00-16.00 (+) part 4: the audience gets the opportunity to play. We put out game boards and pieces and follow the infection control routines from the Chess Association. Resource persons circulate and help new players.

Registration and infection control

We assume that you only partake if you are healthy and that you follow the health authorities' infection control advice, among other things, keeping your distance during the event. During hnefatafl games, we follow the infection control rules from the Chess Association.

Due to Covid-19, there is a limited number of seats available for this event and everyone who is to participate must sign up using the form below (full name, phone number and e-mail adresse. This information will only be used in the case of the need for infection tracing).