Our research

Research lab. Photo.

USN has its special strength in regional affiliation and applied research. Therefore, we build research expertise in some of the most central areas where we find unresolved challenges – such as health, education, technology and social research.

We have organised our strongest research environments into research groups and research centres that reflect our commercial profile and practical approach to research.

USN has particularly strong regional ties and a focus on applied research. All our programmes are research-based, and students are involved in research projects from the early stages of their education.

At USN, we conduct research that is closely linked to our academic programmes. Research is often linked to supervised professional training and the needs of business and industry in our region.

Academically, our research is primarily linked to our eight doctoral programmes. In addition to our work related to these programmes, we also conduct research in other areas, such as sustainable tourism, optometry, welfare services for vulnerable groups in society, and more.

Research areas