Community Health Care Services to Older People

To older ladies speaking together.

This research group aims at producing research results that strengthen and inform the knowledge base supporting the provision of high quality care to older people.

Community health care services to older people

The research group focuses on care and support issues related to older people. The group emphasizes research concerning care to older people in the community health care services. It has a strong, but not exclusive focus on patient safety and user involvement in nursing homes and the home care services. To ensure relevance for practice, research is conducted in close collaboration with the community health care services. The group is partner of Centre for Caring Research, Southern Norway; a government supported center run by University College of Southeast Norway in collaboration with the University of Agder.


The group aims at producing research results that strengthen and inform the knowledge base supporting the provision of high quality care to older people.

Research disciplines

The academic disciplines involved are embedded in the faculty of health and social studies at University College. Multiple qualitative and quantitative methods are used in the research.

Ongoing research projects:

  • Older persons in transition (Project leader: Sigrun Hvalvik). About health related transitions among older people receiving community health care services. The studies are conducted from the perspectives of the patient-, next of kin- and health care professionals in home care and nursing homes.
  • Pensioner Associations Activity Centers - something new? (Project leader: Elisabeth Aase). A quantitative and qualitative study exploring younger pensioner attitude and expectation to retirement.
  • Toward a safe home living – behavioural classification as a method to detect unusual behavioural for people living alone. (Project leader: Carlos Pfeiffer and Solveig Hauge). The main goal of the project is to identify and describe the requirements for a sensor-based behaviour classification system for a safer home living of old and disabled persons living alone.

PhD projects:

  • The transition of older residents into long-term care units in nursing homes - Studies of how newly admitted older residents are perceived, experienced and helped by staff and next of kin. (PhD candidate: Marianne Eika. Supervisor: Sigrun Hvalvik, Bjørg Dale og Geir Arild Espnes). An ethnographic study involving next of kin and health care professionals.
  • Patient safety in Nursing Home (PhD candidate: Kathrine Cappelen. Supervisor: Karina Aase, Anette Harris, Solveig Hauge). In this project we translate and validate a questionnaire about safety culture in nursing homes.
  • E-health to the older caregiver (PhD candidate: Hilde Solli. Supervisor: Ida Torunn Bjørk, Sigrun Hvalvik, Ragnhild Hellesø). A descriptive study about the relation between family care givers health care professionals using web-forum and web-camera.
  • Caring or ignoring? A study examining how psychosocial needs are emphasized in home care services to older patients with dementia (PhD candidate: Anette Hansen. Supervisor: Solveig Hauge, Ådel Bergland). A qualitative study of the psychosocial services to home dwelling older people with dementia.
  • Well-being and adult development among retirees (PhD candidate: Lars Bauger. Supervisor: Rob Bongaardt, Sigrun Hvalvik, Bjørg Dale).The project is a qualitative study of recently retired individuals and their experiences with the phenomenon of well-being. The experience with this phenomenon will also be investigated in relation to a constructive developmental perspective.

Collaboration partners

Among the national collaborators is Telemark county, Telemark hospital, University of Agder, University of Stavanger, Centre for Caring Research West and East, Municipality of Skien, Municipality of Porsgrunn.