Human rights, citizenship and diversity


The University College of Southeast Norway (HSN) aims for a systematic development of knowledge and competences needed for a future society. Increased globalization and mobility in society demand elaborate knowledge on education in intercultural and multicultural perspectives.

The MMM research group

The MMM research group (Menneskerettigheter, medborgerskap og mangfold) promotes and develops knowledge about the themes of human rights, citizenship and diversity. These themes are at the core of political, economic and societal challenges in Norway and in Europe today. There is a demand for improved knowledge from professional actors, where education plays a particular role, handling diversity, ethical dilemmas as well issues of democracy and human rights. The MMM research group aims at developing new knowledge about education and different professional actors together contribute to increased integration, democratic citizenship and sustainable development in society.  Different disciplines in education and all levels of the education sector are at the core of our investigations, from early childhood education through adult education and lifelong learning.


On the background of several years of research at Buskerud University College and Vestfold University College within the field of human rights and diversity, the MMM group was formally established in 2014 after the merger of the two institutions into Buskerud and Vestfold University College. The research group now also includes prominent researchers from the former Telemark University College. The MMM research group is addressing core topics in line with the research strategies of the merged and newly established University College of Southeast Norway, foregrounding the advancement of knowledge on welfare, human rights and social innovation.

Activities and disseminations

The scientific overall goal of the MMM research group is to be in the frontline nationally and in Europe on knowledge production in its field within the next five years. To achieve these goals, the researchers in the MMM group initiate several activities