Workshop on Swarm Intelligence, machine Learning and its potential in business applications: Case Study of Self-driving vehicle

Workshop on Swarm Intelligence and Machine Learning and its applications

Prof. Tad Gonsalves, PhD

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

AI as a means to leverage Business opportunities for Norwegian companies?

By Prof. Aurilla Aurilla Arntzen (USN)

Harald Ingee AAkre (Kongsberg Innovation)

  • Friday 28th September 2018
  • 09h00 -15h30
  • Room  2228/2230 


Registration fee 890 NOK (Includes lunch and coffee)

Registration fee 800 NOK (Includes lunch and coffee) for members of KIRN or Kongsberg Næringsforum.


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About Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computing paradigm largely based on human reasoning and intelligence. Very little is known that some of the prominent AI models borrow heavily from social animals like birds, ants, bees and fish whose collective behavior as swarms display a phenomenal emergent intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence-2

A swarm is a large collection of homogenous, unsophisticated agents that interact locally among themselves and their environment without any central control or management. The collective behavior of self-organized, but decentralized natural or artificial systems that leads to the solution of complex problems is called Swarm Intelligence (SI). The individuals that make up the swarm are often extremely simple agents, that lack memory, intelligence or even awareness of one another. By following simple rules like sticking together and avoiding collision, they give rise to a form of emergent intelligence.

This workshop will focus on the application of Swarm Intelligence techniques in solving optimization problems in areas such as business and engineering. We will also extend the SI metaphor for training Deep Learning Neural Networks, which coupled with GPU computing has a direct application in developing fast image recognition algorithms. Finally, we shall demonstrate how to use this technology in developing low-cost self-driving cars.

This workshop intends to  foster discussion amongst academic and business actors   interested in investigating how AI could be used for creating innovative solutions addressing socio-technical issues. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new business opportunities in Norway 


In collaboration with Kongsberg Innovation, we intend to conduct a round table discussing issues and opportunities as a means to increase the level of Innovation In Kongsberg in particular or in Norway. This is the first event of a series of lectures, tutorials that will be conducted in collaboration between the University USN and the Industry.

Workshop Schedule

  • Swarm Intelligence Optimization and Machine Learning 

  • Swarm Intelligence based Deep Learning and low-cost self-driving cars
  • Tutorial: Hands-on experience in developing Swarm Intelligence Programs 
  • Round Table discussing issues and opportunities for AI for Norwegian companies ( Harald Inge Aakre)

Presenter Information

Dr. Tad Gonsalves, PhD is a full-time Professor in the Department of Information & Communication Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia Universitdr tady, Tokyo, Japan. He is the author of “Artificial Intelligence: A non-technical Introduction, which serves as a textbook for introductory courses at the university level. His research interests include design of Expert Systems, application of nature-inspired algorithms to solve business and engineering problems, PC games, NLP, application of Deep Learning and GPU computing to self-driving cars.

The tutorial will run provided that there is a  minimum of 5 participants

For more information please contact: Prof.  Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen

Come join us for a unique perspective on “Swarm AI” way of solving practical problems!


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