CO2 Capture

This means finding new solutions as well as improving existing ones with regard to optimization of the CO2 capture process and related environmental challenges. It furthermore comprises collection and transportation solutions for captured CO2.

Post combustion focus

These are some characteristics of TUC's research on CO2 capture:

  • focus on post combustion technology
  • modelling of COpost combustion, using Aspen Plus, Aspen Hysys and Fluent as well as in-house made Matlab-based models
  • several ongoing projects in cooperation with industry and other academic institutions
  • modern laboratory facilities with advanced equipment
  • amine waste handling both by biological treatment and incinceration
  • a growing research group, comprising several PhD students supervised by professors who are specialists on chemistry, process technology and modelling

Integrated capture

TUC and Tel-Tek recently are also doing research on CO2 capture integrated with power production. The project is run by Alstom Norway; and IFE (Norway), ETU (Switzerland) and Alstom Power (Germany) also take part in the research on a project using solid CO2 sorbents, called the Fully-Integrated Regenerative Calcium Cycle (FIRCC).

Check out our dedicated web page:

The CO2 research work done at TUC is closely interwoven with the work done at Telemark Technological Research and Development Centre (Tel-Tek). For more detailed information about our joint research, please check out our common web site dedicated to CO2 capture;

Contact information

Prof. Morten C. Melaaen
Faculty of Technology