PhD candidates in Applied Micro- and Nanosystems

Candidate Main Tutor PhD Project
Uyen Phuong Do Professor Erik Andrew Johannessen Glucose energy harvester for self powering of remote distributed bioanalytical microsystems
Christian Bjørge Thoresen Professor Ulrik Hanke Capacative Touch Screen Tangible User Interface for Maritime Control Systems
Giang Minh Nghiem Professor Knut Aasmundtveit Novel particel Technology for Display Interconnect
Trinh Bich Hoang Associate professor Agne Johannessen Development of accoustic wave biosensor for glucose monitoring
Jon-Vegard Sørli Professor Olaf H. Graven Efficient path planning for deployment of dynamic sensor network utilizing UAVs
Binh Duc Truong Professor Einar Halvorsen Approaching theoretical power bounds for vibration energy harvesters
Burak Cunbul Professor Muhammad Nadeem Akram Novel optical engines for UHD, 4K DMDlaser/phosphor projectors
Yingge Wang Professor Xuyuan Chen  Nano featured electrode for high energy density supercapasitors
Chaoqun Cheng Professor Kaiying Wang Study of Graphic Carbon Nitride based heterojunction for high efficient photoelectrodes
Thong T. Huynh Professor Lars Hoff Non-ideal effects in transducers
Rune Langøy Professor Per Øhlckers Readout detector control system for a large ion collider experiment
Zengxing Zhang Professor Kaiying Wang Solar-to-Carbon-based fuel energy Conversion Based on CO2 Reduction on Nanostructured Silicon Substrate
Yelzhas Zhaksylyk Associate professor Mehdi Azadmehr An electronic interface for wireless power transmission
Oleksandr Dobroliubov Professor Erik Johannsessen  The interaction of photosensitive proteins with microfabricated sensor arrays
Chengjun Yu Professor Xuyuan Chen Low dimensional material for Supercapasitors with improved energy density
Nu Bich Duyen Do Associate professor Kristin Imenes Novel encapsulation of a medical ultrasound probe
Joseph Joy Professor Frank Karslen Validation of microsystems for the automatic molecular control of fish environment, health and well-being
Per Kristian Bolstad Professor Lars Hoff Ultrasound Transducers for Harsh Environments
Ellen Katrine Sagaas Røed Professor Lars Hoff New active materials in underwater transducer
João Simões Professor Tao Dong Continuous and Real-Time detection of Drinking-water pathogens
Kim Robert Gustavsen Professor Kaiying Wang Nanostructured electrochemical electrodes for C02 reduction
Stephane Kuziora Professor Knut Aasmundtveit SLID-Intermetallic bonding for extreme temperatures
Amirfereydoon Mansoori Professor Einar Halvorsen Wideband Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers for Medical imaging
Thanh Huyen Nguyen Professor Einar Halvorsen MEMS logic for extreme temperature applications
Mojde Hasanzade Professor Muhammad Nadeem Akram High Resolution Fourier Ptychoraphic Microscopy
Guozhen He Professor Tao Dong Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of a Heterogeneous Structured AI-5083 Alloy
Tor Håvard Aasen Professor Kaiying Wang Catalytic Hydrogen Material
Fan Chen Professor Xuyuan Chen Red Phosphor Materials
Roar Elias Georgsen Professor Geir Myrdahl Køien Introducing Systems Engineering in a very small enterprise using ISO/IEC 29110
Phillip Papatzacos Professor Per Øhlckers Wafer-Level Packaging for Infrared Microbolometers
Hexin Xia Professor Knut Aasmundtveit Hermetic wafer-level Bonding for Uncooled Microbolometer FPAs
Arian Nowbahari Associated professor Mehdi Azadmehr Advanced Power Management Circuits for Piezoelectric Wireless Energy Transfer
Vegard Tollefsen Associated professor Agne Johannessen High Frequency Acoustic Resonators for Filter Applications
Van Long Huynh
  Associated professor
Hoang vu Nguyen
Low-temperature Fine-pitch Assembly Technologies for Emerging Applications
Mahdieh Gholami Mayani Professor Muhammad Nadeem Akram Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy Using Metalens and Polarization Diversity
Duy Hoang Le Professor Lars Hoff New generation cardiovascular ultrasound probes based on a hybrid CMUT-piezoelectric transducer