PhD Courses - Applied Micro- and Nanosystems

The training component of the PhD program shall include courses, at least 30 credits, including a 5 credits subject in research ethics, philosophy of science and scientific methods.

PhD courses from other institutions can be approved as a part of the training component. For subjects that are planned taken at other institutions, a course description must be enclosed to the application for admission. Conducted courses must be documented by the original transcript of records.

Individual curriculum can be approved as part of the training component (5 credits). A separate application form is to be submitted to the PhD coordinator.

Below is an overview of the PhD courses offered at the institute and courses we offer in collaboration with national research school in Micro- and Nanotechnology.


Code Course title Credits Fall
MN-BIO9000 BIOMEMS Extended 10 x   week 38-39
MN-ENE9005 Energy Harvesting 5      
MN-OPT9005 Optics for Micro- and Nano- Technologies 5   x Feb/March
MN-ACT9005 Acoustic Transducers 5      
MN-PAC9000 Interconnection, packaging and heterogeneous integration of micro- and nanosystems 10 x    
ISY9000 Individual Study 5 x x  
PHI401 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I - (runs at NMBU) 5 x   week 40-41
MN-HMT9100 Heat Mass Transport in Nano and Micro Systems 10 x    
MN-SIN9000 Sensor Interface 10      
MN-SEN9000 Micro Sensors and Actuators 10      
MN-MAR9000 Functional Materials and Nanotechnology 5    


MN-ADP9000 Advanced Piezoelectricity 10 x