Camp Riverside – PhD Workshop in Theory Construction and Research Development

Professor Ajay Kohli (Photo: Eisa Tabrizi)
Professor Ajay Kohli (Photo: Eisa Tabrizi)

HOLD THE DATE! CAMP RIVERSIDE 2018 takes place 22-25 May at USN, Campus Drammen, auditorium A6509.

The workshop is an annual event for PhD students and faculty in Marketing at USN and other Norwegian programs. The workshop is chaired by professor Ajay Kohli (Georgia Tech) and professor Fred Selnes (BI and USN). 

The goal of the workshop is to develop student skills and stimulate collaboration among students and faculty, and cultivate world-class scholars in Marketing and other business disciplines.

The workshop in 2018 will take place May 22- May 25 at USN Campus Drammen.  

The first two days are devoted to understand and engage in theory construction. The next two days are devoted to students presenting their research (including but not limited to thesis work), and getting constructive suggestions from faculty and fellow students.

Professor Fred Selnes

(Photo: Eisa Tabrizi)