Information for applicants – PhD in Person-Centred Health Care

To successfully apply for our programme you need to:

1. Apply for and get an announced PhD candidate / Research Fellow position (see vacancies at USN)


2. Have a financial guarantee from an employer/organisation. Such a guarantee normally includes 3 years of salary, operating costs, work-place and supervision. The Faculty of Health Sciences does not accept private financial support (own saved money, funding by spouse/family, etc.) as a basis for admission to the PhD programme.

• Meet formal admission requirements concerning grades and subject area (regulations)

• Have the required competence in academic English

• Respect residency requirement: The candidate should normally spend at least one year at USN


For the applications to the PhD programme in Person-Centred Health Care, the project outline/ description of the research project shall be brief and concise, three (3) to five (5) pages in English.

The project outline shall contain the following elements:

  • A brief background and an explanation of how the project will provide new and relevant knowledge to the given field of research (approx 1 page).
  • Proposed aim/s, research questions and methodology. An account of expected outcome; if applicable, preferably with a verifiable hypothesis.
  • A brief explanation of how the project relates to a person centered approach/context.
  • Preliminary plan for data collection (source, methods and statistics
  • List of partners, participation in meetings and conferences etc.
  • Ethical reflections and considerations
  • List Reference list (approx 25 references)


Once you have the formalities above in order, kindly send the application for admission to the PhD programme along with the description of your research project to advisor Elin Nordbø

Further information can be obtained from professor Kirsti Skovdahl or advisor Elin Nordbø