Current PhD Candidates in Process, Energy and Automation Engineering

Candidate Project
Rajan Jaiswal Waste as feed to biomass gasification reactor
Osama K.M. Ibrahim Accidental release of liquid CO2 from transport and storage
Solomon Aforkoghene Aromada Cost Estimation of CO2 Capture Processes
Torbjørn Grande Østby A machine learning approach to analysing earth observation data
Madhusudhan Pandey Modelling tool for hydropower systems, for analysis and design
Yongjie Wang Model-based control of urban drainage systems
Jayangi Wagaarachchige Process Analytical Technique (PAT) for characterization and monitoring of a novel water lean CO2 capture system
Raghav Sikka Characterization of spray for twin-fluid atomizer for Inert gas generator (IGG)
Vasan Sivalingam Syngas fermentation and bioelectrochemistry integration in biogas process
Agnieszka Lach Hydrogen safety- H2 releases in tunnels and confined spaces
Stian Krogstad Machine learning for predictive maintenance
Steven Bos Search and rescue operations in digital twins with sensor-rich buildings, autonomous collaborating snake robots with ternary compute cores and augmented reality operational interfaces for first responders
Neha Chopra Bioelectrochemical process synthesis for CO2 utilisation
Ramesh Timsina Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and process simulations modelling as basis for scaling of biofuel production
Nora Furuvik Modelling of ash melts in gasification of biomass
Mathias Henriksen Combustion properties for vented Li-ion batteries
Shohreh Monshizadeh Power systems analysis and balancing control impacts
Manjula Edirisinghe Transient stability in high voltage power systems
Janitha Bandara Simulation and parameter optimization of fluidized bed biomass gasification
Ludmila Vesjolaja Dynamics and control of efficient fertilizer processes
Nirmal Ghimire Anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic substrate for biogas
Ole Magnus Brastein Adaptive calibration of mathematical models for energy usage in buildings
Helge Lorenzen Real time observation and analysis of GRID signals for optimal control of GRID performance
Amila Kahawalage Optimised and increased use of refuse derived fuel in cement kilns
Morten Johndal Estimation of flow rate and rheological properties of drilling fluids, using multi sensor data fusion
Sumudu Karunarathne Physiochemical data for amine based CO2 capture process
Juan Videla Modeling, estimation and control of cogeneration-HVAC-building systems
Mahesh Ediriweera A study of corrosive wear in gas-particle systems
Samee Maharjan An image-processing framework for high-speed films from combustion and gas explosion experiments
Shadi Attar Model-based monitoring and control of biogas reactors in wastewater treatment plants