Previous PhD candidates (PhD completed)


PhD candidate Thesis Main supervisor Year
Vasan Sivalingam Syngas Fermentation and Microbial Electrosynthesis Process Integration to Avance Biogas Production Carlos Dinamarca 2022
Agnieszka W. Lach Hydrogen Safety in Confined Spaces André Vagner Gaathaug 2022
Nora Furuvik Modelling of ash melts in gasification of biomass Britt Moldestad 2022
Ramesh Timsina Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and process simulations modelling as basis for scaling of biofuel production Marianne Sørflaten Eikeland 2022
Mathias Henriksen A study of premixed combustion of gas vented from failure LIBs Dag Bjerketvedt 2021
Ludmila Vesjolaja Dynamics and Control for Efficient Fertilizer Processes Bernt Lie 2021
Martha Nohemi Acosta Montalvo Intelligent frequency control for the secure operation of modern power system Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt 2021
Mahesh Ediriweera Impact erosion by solid particles in gas-particle flows Chandana Ratnayake 2021
Nirmal Ghimire Methane Production from Lignocellulosic Residues Wenche Hennie Bergland 2021
Janitha Bandara Simulation and parameter optimization of fluidized-bed and biomass gasification Marianne Sørflaten Eikeland 2021
Samee Maharjan An Image Processing Framework for High Speed Videos from Combustion and Gas Explosion Experiments Marius Lysaker 2020
Ole Magnus Brastein Parameter estimation and analysis for grey-box models of building thermal behavior Nils-Olav Skeie 2020
Sumudu Karunarathne Physicochemical data for amine based CO2 capture process Lars Erik Øi 2020
Morten Johndal Data Driven Models for Estimation of Drilling Fluid Rheological Properties and Flow Rate Håkon Viumdal 2020
Veralia Sánchez Human Behaviour Modelling for Welfare Technology Nils-Olav Skeie 2020
Anirudh Nelabhotla Electrochemical Unit Integration with Biogas Production Processes Carlos Dinamarca 2020
Christian Berg Modeling for Automatic Control and Estimation of Influx and Loss During Drilling Operations Bernt Lie 2020
Fasil Tassew Capabilities of anaerobic granular sludge bed process for the treatment of particle-rich substrates Rune Bakke 2020
Laura Marcano On Process Simulation and Learning Technologies Tiina Komulainen 2019
Asanthi Jinasena Models and Estimators for Flow of Topside Drilling Fluid Roshan Sharma 2019
Hassan Ali Techno-economic analysis of CO2 capture concepts Lars Erik Øi 2019
Prasanna Welahettige Transient drilling fluid flow in Venturi channelse Knut Vågsæther 2019
Liubomyr Vytvytskyi Dynamics and model analysis of hydropower systems Bernt Lie 2019
Cornelius Emeka Agu Bubbling Fluidized Bed Behaviour for Biomass Gasification Britt Moldestad 2019
M.H. Wathsala N. Jinadasa Process analytical technology for real-time quantitative speciation of aqueous phase CO2 capture solvents Maths Halstensen 2019
Udara S.P.R. Arachchige Carbon Dioxide Capture by Chemical Absorption: Energy Optimization and Analysis of Dynamic Viscosity of Solvents Morten Christian Melaaen 2019

Ronnie Anseth

Online monitoring of fouling layers in pipeworks with Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Magne Waskaas 2018
Ingrid Bokn Haugland Monitoring of scaling in pneumatic conveying systems Maths Halstensen 2018
Thomas Øyvang Enhanced power capability of generator units for increased operational security Bernt Lie 2018
Per Morten Hansen Experimental and theoretical studies of rapid phase transitions in CO2 Knut Vågsæther 2018
Michal Sposób Biological Removal of Sulphide in EGSB Reactor Carlos Dinamarca 2018
Khim Chhantyal Data fusion based modeling and rheological parameter estimation when using additives in drilling fluids Saba Mylvaganam 2018
Anjana Tharanga Malagalage Pneumatic conveying and storage of wet particles to illustrate offshore drill cutting handling Chandana Ratnayake 2018
Christian Ahoba-Sam Low temperature methanol synthesis catalyzed by copper alcoxide system Klaus-Joachim Jens 2018
Zhou Wenjing Modeling, control and optimization of hydropower plant Bjørn Glemmestad 2017
Haavard Aakre The impact of autonomous inflow control valve on increased oil production and recovery Britt Moldestad 2017
Ole Kristian Sommersel Hydrogen leaks in partially confined spaces - Dispersion and explosions Dag Bjerketvedt 2017
Chameera Jayarathna Development of a fluidized bed particle classifier for application in calcium looping with indirect heat transfer – Experiments and simulations Lars-André Tokheim 2017
Sindre Tøsse The rapid depressurization and evaporation of liquified carbon dioxide Knut Vågsæther 2017

Yan Ru

Usage of Process Tomographic Techniques in the Study of Flow Dynamics in Fluid and Particulate Flow

Saba Mylvaganam 2016

Anushka Perera

State Estimation and Optimal Control of an Industrial Electrowinning Process

Carlos Pfeiffer 2016

Wathsala Perera

Mathematical Models for Real-Time Estimation of Space Heating in Buildings

Nils-Olav Skeie 2016

Lu Li

 One-Step Conversion of Ethylene to Propylene by a NiSO4-ReOx/Al2O3 Catalyst

Klaus-Joachim Jens 2016

Wenche Bergland

Anaerobic Digestion of Manure Slurry in Sludge Bed Reactors

Rune Bakke 2015

Joachim Lundberg

Image-based Sizing Techniques for Fire Water Droplets

Dag Bjerketvedt 2015

Chaminda Pradeep

Tomographic Approach to Automatic and Non-invasive Flow Regime Identification

Saba Mylvaganam 2015

Gamunu Samarakoon

Post Combustion CO2 Capture Using Aqueous Amine Solvents: Investigations on Molecular Structure-Activity Relationships for Amine Solvents

Klaus-Joachim Jens 2015

Rajan Kumar Thapa

Optimization of Flow Behaviour in Gasification Reactors

Britt Halvorsen 2015

André Gaathaug

Experimental Study of Deflagration to Detonation Transition in Hydrogen-Air Mixtures

Dag Bjerketvedt 2015

Håkon Viumdal

Dynamic Estimators Using Laser and Ultrasonic Instrumentation for Determining the Metal and Bath Heights in Aluminum Electrolysis Cells, A combination of hard/soft sensor approach

Saba Mylvaganam 2015

Hiromi Ariyaratne

Utilization of Waste-derived Biofuels and Partly CO2-neutral Fuels in Cement Kilns

Lars-André Tokheim 2014

Roshan Sharma

Optimal Operation of Gas Lifted and ESP Lifted Oil Fields: An Approach Based on Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Control

Bjørn Glemmestad 2014

Wang Shuai

Anaerobic Degradation of Industrial Carbon Capture Reclaimer MEA Waste

Rune Bakke 2014

Finn Aakre Haugen

Optimal Design, Operation and Control of an Anaerobic Digestion Reactor

Bernt Lie 2014

Elin Fjeld

Small-Scale Arc Fault Testing of Medium Voltage Switchgear

Svein Thore Hagen 2014

Sanoja A. Jayarathna

Post Combustion CO2 Capture: Modelling for Control, and Physical Property Analysis of Amines

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2014

Jingiy Han

Mass Transfer Characteristics of CO2 Absorption into Liquid Droplets

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2014
Sondre Vestøl

Detailed Measurements of Gas/Liquid Flow with Low Liquid Fractions in Horizontal and near Horizontal Pipes

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2013
Werner Filtvedt

Production of Polysilicon from Silane Pyrolysis in a Fluidzed Bed

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2013

Jiru Ying

Mass Transfer Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide into Concentrated Aqueous Solutions of Monoethanolamine

Dag Eimer 2013
Tielin Wang

Degradation of Aqueous 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1-Propanol for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Klaus-Joachim Jens 2013
Benjamin Kaku Arvoh

Soft Sensors for Quantiative Characterisation in Multi-Phase Gas/Oil/Water Systems

Maths Halstensen 2012
Felicia Nkem Ihunegbo

Process Analytical Technology Studies for Reliable Industrial Process Monitoring

Maths Halstensen 2012
Kjetil Svendsen Thermal Fatigue in High Current Density Induction Coils Svein Thore Hagen 2012
Christo Rautenbach

An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Dense Fluidized Bed Fluid Dynamics

Britt Halvorsen 2012
Lars Erik Øi

Removal of CO2 from Exhaust Gas

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2012
Magnus Komperød

Emperical Modeling, State Estimation, and process Control with Real-life Applications to the Czochralski Crystallization Process

Bernt Lie 2012
Marit Kleven

Numerical Simulations and Experimental Studies for Nasal Delivery of Vaccines and Drugs

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2012
Lene Amundsen

An Experimental Study of Oil-Water Flow in Horizontal and Inclined Pipes

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2011
Cecilia Arakaki Miyashiro

Non-Intrusive Mass Flow Measurement of Solida in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Gisle G. Enstad 2011
Amaranath Kumara Wahumpurage

An Experimental Study of Oil-Water Flow in Pipes

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2011
Knut Vågsæther

Modelling of Gas Explosions

Dag Bjerketvedt 2010
Deshai Botheju

Effects on Free Oxygen on Anaerobic Digestion

Rune Bakke 2010
Anette Mathisen

An Experimental and Computational Investigation of Gas/Particle Flow in a Vertical Lifter

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2010
Carlos Dinamaca

Homoacetogenic H2 Consumption in Fermentative Hydrogen Production

Rune Bakke 2010
Rahel Yusuf

A Computational Study of Surface to Bed Heat Transfer in Gas Fluidized Beds

Morten Chr. Melaaen 2010
Beathe Furenes

Model Based Control of Solidification

Bernt Lie 2009
Trude Odberg Nysæter

Investigations of Mechanical Properties of Powder by means of a Uniaxial Tester

Gisle G. Enstad 2009
Puhuwella G. Rathnasiri

Anaerobic Digestion Process using Membrane Integrated Micro Aeration

Rune Bakke 2009
Nils-Olav Skeie Soft Sensors for level Estimation Bernt Lie 2008
Qian Chai Modeling, Estimation and Control of Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants Bernt Lie 2008
Urmila Datta Multimodal Measurements in Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems Saba Mylvaganam 2008
Kjell Joar Alme Material Distribution and Interface Detection using EIT Saba Mylvaganam 2007
Vegeir Knudsen Hydrogen Gas Explosions in Pipelines - Modeling and Experimental Investigations Dag Bjerketvedt 2007
Jon-Are Julshamn Hydraulic Jump in Horizontal Two-Phase Pipe Flow Morten Chr. Melaaen 2006
Olav Gerhard H. Nygaard Multivariable Process Control in High Temperature and High Pressure Environment using Non-Intrusive Multi Sensor Data Fusion Saba Mylvaganam 2006
Geir Werner Nilsen Topics in Open and Closed Loop Subspace System Identification - Finite Data-Based Methods David Di Ruscio 2006
Chandana Ratnayake A Comprehensive Scaling Up Technique for Pneumatic Transport Systems Morten Chr. Melaaen 2005
Britt Halvorsen An Experimental and Computational Study of Flow Behavior in Bubbling Fluidized beds Vidar Mathiesen 2005
Gunnar Sandvik Identification of Signals Describing Pairwise Interaction in Plankton, Bacteria and Bacteriophage Knut Lehre Seip 2005
Kjetil Kristoffersen Gas Explosions in Process Pipes Dag Bjerketvedt 2004
Marta Duenas Diez Integration of Process Control Based on Mechanistic Models Bernt Lie 2004
Roald Kommedahl Dynamikk i Biologiske Renseprosesser Rune Bakke 2004
Tor Anders Hauge Methods of Process Regulation for Efficient Roll-out of Robust Model Based Control in the Process Industry Bernt Lie 2003
Martin Siljan Analyse av Lettklinkerproduksjon med Hovedvekt på Ovnsprosessen Morten Chr. Melaaen 2002
Ernst Petter Axelsen Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Combustion of Alternative Fuels in Cement Kilns Dag Bjerketvedt 2002
Maria Lundhaug Optimization of Texture Selection and Classification: MIA for Remote Sensing of Sea-ice Kim H. Esbensen 2002
Maths Halstensen Acoustic Chemometrics - Experimental Multivariate Sensor Technology and Development of System Prototypes for Industrial Multi-phase Characterisation: Selected Forays Kim H. Esbensen 2002
Geir Elseth An Experimental Study of Oil/Water Flow in Horizontal Pipes Morten Chr. Melaaen 2001
Qianpu Wang An Experimental and Computational Study of Gas/Particle Multiphase Flow in Process Equipment Morten Chr. Melaaen 2001
Jun Huang Developments in Applied Chemometrics. AMT, Acoustic Chemometrics and N-way Image Analysis Kim H. Esbensen 2001
Marianne S. Eikeland Durability of Selected Membrane Materials when Exposed to Chlorine Gas May-Britt Hägg 2001
Thorbjørn Tønnesen Lied Multivariate Image Regression (MIR) for Quantative Predictions - Prototype Software Implementation and Selected Industrial-Technological Pilot Studies Kim H. Esbensen 2001
Lars-André Tokheim The Impact of Staged Combustion on the Operation of a Precalciner Cement Kiln Dag Bjerketvedt 1999
Rolf Ergon Dynamic System Multivariate Calibration for Optimal Primary Output Jens I. Ytreeide 1999
Egil Brendsdal Computation of Phase Equilibria in Fluid Mixtures Tore Haug-Warberg 1999
Olav Sæter Modelling and Simulation of Gas Explosions in Complex Geometries Bjørn H. Hjertager 1998
Paal Christian Friberg Three-Dimensional Modelling and Simulation of Gas/Liquid Flow in Processes in Fluid Mixtures Bjørn H. Hjertager 1998
Andre Johan Damslora Optimal Control of Batch Emulsion Polymerisation of Vinyl Chloride Bernt Lie 1998
Stian Høiset Statistical Estimation of Loads from Gas Explosions Bjørn H. Hjertager 1998
Bjørn Glemmestad Optimal Operation of Integrated Processes - Studies on Heat Recovery Systems Truls Gundersen 1997
Vidar Mathiesen An Experimental and Computational Study of Multiphase Flow behaviour in Circulating Fluidized Beds Bjørn H. Hjertager 1997
Olav Aaker Operator Support and Diagnostic Reasoning in an Industrial Process Jens I. Ytreeide 1996
Randi Toreskås Holta Nosé-Hoover Simulations of Aqueous Mixtures of Small Alcohols Bjørn Kvamme 1996
Jostein Mosby Investigations of the Segregation of Particulate Solids with Emphasis on the Use of Segregation Testers Gisle G. Enstad 1996
Erik Manger Modelling and Simulation of Gas/Solids Flow in Curvi-Linear Coordinates Bjørn H. Hjertager 1996
Arild Emil Samuelsberg Modelling and Simulation of Fluidized Bed Reactors Bjørn H. Hjertager 1994
Karin Elisabeth Morud Turbulent Two-Phase Flow in Bubble Columns and Stirred Fermenters Bjørn H. Hjertager 1994
Lars Petter Maltby Investigation of Behaviour of Powders Under and After Consolidation Sunil de Silva 1993