Multiplier Events

Multiplier Events include five conferences. An international conference for educators in creating online courses, three conferences for practitioners (one in each country) and an international conference at the end of the project.

Conference for educators in creating online courses, international (E1).

After having finished the online course in methodology (IO1) and the training of the students in the indirect approach (IO2), we hosted a conference in Norway, focusing on the use of the indirect approach and the project's content and progress. We invited associated partners and students, colleagues, administrative staffs and other scholars with interests within the field of youth research, marginalization processes and education. Students’ representatives from the project participated and held presentations, along with researchers and invited keynote speaker Michel Fine, an American sociologist. This conference was important for the project; getting input on our work, as well as having important discussions on content and methods of the project. 

Three conference of practitioner, one in each country (E2, E3, E4)

These conferences was a channel for dissemination of the project’s findings to both colleagues in the university sector and to a practitioner audience. The partners attended each conference, observing and participating. We had a conference in each partner country and followed a similar structure and content in order to implement it to our own organization as well as others nationally. We invited a broad range of students and practitioners from the field as well as colleagues from the field of education and pedagogy. Following this teachers and leaders from both upper secondary schools as well as supervisors from the municipalities, teacher educators, student teachers and also a broad range of staff from the welfare system attended. On the conference, the students as well as researchers gave presentations on their own research and findings, their experiences working in the project, and had fruitful discussions with the audience. 

On these conferences we also shared the open access journal (IO4), the models IO3 and IO6, and of course the dissemination platform IO7. Having the national conferences makes the project more accessible a local audience who may well not be able to afford international travel. It also provides an opportunity to the students to share their research in a supportive but academically rigorous environment. 

International conference (E5)

This conference disseminated the overall project outcomes internationally. International researchers as we3ll as MaCE students and researchers was invited to send in abstracts and participate in the conference contributing with their own research in the field. The conference in this way provided an opportunity for educators, researchers in the partner institutions and students to share their findings build new networks and have an impact on HEI both nationally and internationally.

International webinar conference, Norway, 2019

National conference (VIA) Denmark, 2019 

National conference (USN) Norway, 2020

Nation conference, UK

  • The program for the conference in The United Kingdom in june, 2020, click here

International conference

  • The program for the conference in The United Kingdom in june, 2020, click here