Online journal (IO4)

In order to be able to publish the student’s articles the partners has established an Open Access journal; The Journal of Youth Voices in Education: Methods, Theory, Practice. ( The open access journal will achieve two key elements; firstly it will disseminate the findings of the research and secondly it will provide an avenue for students to publish their work.

The journal publish the BA and the MA student’s professional and/or scientific articles (with a review process conducted by the national tutors). Some articles are co-written between students and scholars, and some are authored by students individually or in joint author groups. The journal also enable other students, practitioners and researchers to publish. 

The availability of an open access journal is an important element of the overall goal of reducing barriers in higher education. Many students and indeed also academics find the idea of submitting to an academic journal to be quite challenging or even frightening. The aim of the journal is to create a supportive and positive environment in which students can take their first venture into writing academic articles whilst maintaining academic rigor and quality. The ability to publish is likely to boost the student’s confidence and having a list of publications is an important element in enhancing employability for those students who may want to seek employment in academia.

The academic partners involved in the project will also act as editors and peer reviewers.  

The journal will include a mix of contributions including scientific papers but also invite opinion / discussion papers and reports from practitioners from the field. The journal will be free of charge, open for all and sustainable beyond the lifespan of this project. Accordingly, the focus of the journal will be to invite contributions from a broad range of fields relating to work with young people. 


The objectives of The journal of Youth Voices in Education: Methods, Theory, Practice are:

  • to publish articles from students, researchers and practitioners related to marginalisation of young people and co-created education
  • to inspire others to pursue programs and research projects that tackle issues of marginalization and pursue co-created education
  • to enhance the quality of schooling, further and higher education across Europe and encourage inclusion for students who have experienced marginalization and social disadvantage

Link to the journal; 

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2019)

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2019)

Vol. 2 No 2 (2020)



  • Creating an open access journal in order to publish students’ work
  • It is unusual to encourage the publication of work at undergraduate level.


  • By making research more accessible by catering for non-scientific papers as well, more people will be able to publish and read 
  • Being online and having the link to the page on all the Universities’ websites. We expect other educational institutions and universities will use it as well.

Transferability potential:

  • The creation of a supportive but rigorous model for the production of an open access journal which is focused on disseminating quality student work is a significant innovation for this project.
  • There is a need for more free, open-access journals, that have a more inclusive appeal. The journal of Youth Voices in Education: Methods, Theory, Practice meets this ambition.