Writing seminar (IO2)

This seminar enabled students to code, analyse and write. The students got input on how to code, analyse, develop a line of argument and structure an article. Bachelor and master students attended the same input sessions, but the level of expectations of the articles from bachelor and master students were differentiated. Input sessions were kept short to make sure the students got as much writing time as possible.

The students wrote in their native language, but feedback was given both in national and international groups. Guidance on writing articles continued after the workshop in each countries, but we also set up student groups that could meet online to discuss and help each other.

This seminar is important in developing articles and other out puts, and in ensuring wider dissemination of the project.

•    Where have we got to so far as a group – interests/themes/stage
•    Coding and analysis
•    Emergent findings 

The program for MaCE Writing Seminar

Playful learning: We worked with the concept Playful Learning in order to shape creative ideas on how to create the ideal research article. We worked in cross-national teams and used creative paper materials to envision outlines and prototype models for great articles. Playful learning  Powerpoint

Coding and anaysis, the Powerpoint and an example

Sharing emerging findings and developing co-research or shared interest groups. In this session we shared preliminary ideas of research themes and emergent findings on an online platform called Padlet. The session gave inspiration across nationalities and helped staff and students decide what to write about Powerpoint 3, Padlet activity; https://padlet.com/ff7qmd40pv/ymug5u9sqamb

Powerpoint on Writing – different styles, structures, outputs, creativity 

Overview for the session on immediate findings regarding what we would like to see changed in our communities