Researchers' grand prix to USN

The University College of Southeast Norway will for the first time set up researches’s grand prix. The event will take place September 21st.


Ten researches enters the stage. Each one of them have four mintues to pitch their research in front of the audience and a panel of judges. Those that get the most votes from the jury and the audience will qualify for the national final.

Researchers’ grand prix is the Norwegian championship in research dissemination for PhD students, whose goal is to show what complex research can be communicated in a popular science way.

Bringing out the researchers

This is the 7th year that researchers’ grand prix are arranged in Norway, and so far the event has showcased 300 aspiring researcers.

This year the event will take place in Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and Porsgrunn. The event will take place during “Forskningsdagene” (September 20th – October 1st)

Four minutes to pitch

Each researcher will prepare two presentations, both in under four minutes. One will be presented in the preliminary round and one for the final round.

The candidates will get help from coaches on how to best pitch their research on stage in a short amount of time.

Two will qualify for the national finale

Two candidates, 1st and 2nd place from the various regional finals will qualify for the national final in Trondheim on September 30th.

All the regional events will be filmed and broadcasted on NRK2 after the event.