Student housing at Campus Vestfold. Photo.

All campuses provide housing for international students. Our accommodation services are run by the Student Welfare Foundation in Southeast Norway (SSN).

Private rooms, many of them with private bathrooms, and private or shared kitchens are available for all incoming international exchange students, international full degree students as well as local Norwegian students through SSN. In the student houses there is provided Internet access, cable TV and use of laundry services. Please be aware that SSN cannot accommodate several students per room.

Find more information on the SSN website.

Deadlines for Housing Applications (All Campuses):

Deadline to apply for the accommodation for Fall semester: 1st May

Deadline to apply for the accommodation for Spring semester: 1st November

For students applying to SSN after the deadline, no housing can be guaranteed.

How to apply for housing

In order apply for the housing in one of our four campuses you have to do the following:

  • Submit an online housing application to SSN. You need to register a user account the first time before you can log in to the online application. While filling the online application form you will be asked to provide your contact details and you will be able to select your preferred rooms.
  • Follow-up on practical information about your housing on your login account at SSN.

Please note: All international students who are covered by the housing guarantee, will have to sign contracts for the minimum of one full semester; August - December or January - July (spring semester contracts can be ended by June 30 if you wish, but no earlier).

Each residence unit has connection to satellite/cable TV and internet access, some with wi-fi connection.. Some of the units are friendly for wheelchair users. Several residential buildings have living rooms, a laundry etc. All residences are furnished, except from bed linen and kitchen equipment. 

Please note: Prices will differ, depending on the size, the standard and the location. Normally we try to pre-book the most affordable flats for international students. If you want to upgrade your room through the SSN online application in order to get a higher standard, the price might go up.

Please note: when you receive your offer of accommodation from SSN, you are responsible to confirm your housing offer by signing the contract and return it to SSN by email. After signing, you have have a 2-weeks' deadline to eventually withdraw your decision. If you withdraw your decision at a later stage, please note that you are in most cases obliged to pay for the whole contract period.

USN guarantees accommodation to all international students, except at campus Kongsberg, where student accommodation for the autumn semester will remain difficult to get until autumn semester of 2019. Students for autumn semester 2018 might get private housing in Kongsberg. Spring semester is normally never a problem, housing concerned.

Depending on availability, necessary kitchen utensils to share with your flat mates might be available in the apartment, but you are advised to bring some yourself.

A pillow case and one set of linen for your bed, and a couple of bath towels can be pre-ordered from the housing services or you can bring them yourself. There's a fixed price for this set, and more information can be found at SSN web pages. You are advised to bring along a few extra bath towels and an extra pair of linen.

SSN is responsible for your housing contracts. Please note that all international students who are covered by the housing guarantee, will have to sign contracts for a minimum of one full semester; August - December or January - July.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the housing office at SSN:

Raveien 201 - Aktivitetsbygget
3184 Borre
Phone: +47 31 00 90 00




Housing checklist:

  • Apply for housing at SSN's web portal
  • Application deadline: May 1st and November 1st
  • Follow-up on your application on your login account at SSN
  • Once you have received the final confirmation with a contract, make sure that you sign and return the contract to SSN directly
  • If applicable: Remember to pre-order a set with a pillow case and one set of linen for your bed, and a couple of bath towels, through SSN before you depart for Norway.


Please refer to SSN directly for questions related to your housing contract, accommodation facilities, pick-up of your key and other housing issues.

Please note:

The SSN housing regulations contain rules for different practicalities, such as:

  • Garbage sorting and recycling
  • Cleaning the common areas
  • Paying attention to your roommates

Are you planning to move out earlier than your contract expires? Remember to let SSN know by a written note 2 months ahead of your planned departure that you are planning to end your contract.