Literature (reading list)

A reading list specifies the books, articles and other reading material that you are expected to read to get the full learning outcome from a given subject.

USN is currently implementing a new system for literature called Leganto. The system will be fully operational from autumn 2018, but until then (spring 2018) students following study programs at a campus in Telemark will find their reading lists in a different location than the students following study programs at a campus in Buskerud or Vestfold.

Note: Some subjects are in spring 2018 included in a pilot project for the new system (see below for more information).

Pilot project

The following departments are involved in the  pilot project:

  • Department of Business and IT
  • Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health
  • Department of Educational Science (selected subjects)
  • Department of Visual and Performing Arts Education (selected subjects)

If your department is part of the pilot project, you can search for the reading lists by following this link.