Semester fee

The semester fee is a statutory fee for all students. The semester fee covers the operation of the student organization and expenses for copying and printing. It also includes a voluntary SAIH fee that you can choose whether you want to pay.

Anyone that register for exams must pay the semester fee. There are two exceptions from this rule:

  • Exchange students on semester or full year exchange from our international partners (as they normally pay to their home institution)
  • Students who are only registering for re-sit examination in week 1 and 32.

The invoice for the semester fee can be found in Studentweb. See below for more information about the various fees charged.

Payment Deadlines

  • September 1st for the fall semester
  • February 1st for the spring semester

The same deadlines apply to any refund of the semester fee. If you have already paid a semester fee to another educational institution, or if you withdraw from studies at USN, you are entitled, upon request, to a refund.

Note 1: The semester fee is assessed each semester and the amount may be subject to changes.

Note 2: Postgraduate programmes may have extra charges in addition to the semester fee

Note 3: Some programmes have extra study-specific charges such as material costs.

  All students
(except online students)   
Online students    
Student welfare organisation fee 450 NOK 450 NOK
Kopinor fee and print services (100 NOK for print) 332 NOK 172 NOK (only Kopinor fee)
SAIH (voluntary) 40 NOK 40 NOK
Semester fee 822 NOK 662 NOK

(Online students: Only students admitted to programmes that are not organized as lecture seminars/group work are regarded as fulltime online students.)

Student welfare organisation fee

Student Association of Southeast Norway (SSN) is the welfare/service organization for students in Southeast Norway. For more information on the SSN:

Kopinor fee and print services (100 NOK for print)

Through the Kopinor Agreement students and employees can take photocopies, prints and digital copies.  USN requires additionally a fee to cover photocopies used for teaching (print services). The student printing fee (100 NOK) covers the students' own print quota at USN. 

For more information about the Kopinor Agreement:

Note: The online students only pay Kopinor fee.

SAIH (voluntary)

Students 'and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH) is a politically independent organization. Ever since SAIH was founded in 1961, Norwegian students supported SAIH work through giving a coin of 10 NOK each to the SAIH. In addition to long-term development work, the SAIH works to get political influence in Norway and internationally, to improve the framework conditions for education and development globally. For more information about SAIH:

(In case you do not want to support SAIH, you may deduct the amount of the invoice when paying.)