Student ID, student card and photo

The student ID card gives you access to campus outside opening hours. It also acts as a loan card in the library and allows you to use the printers. You can pick up the student ID card at the service centre.


In order to obtain a student ID and student card, you must first take a photo either on your own PC or in one of the photo booths on campus. 

  • The Drammen, Kongsberg and Ringerike campuses Here you can take a picture with your own PC camera
    Have you not yet created an account? Go to
  • Vestfold campus
    The photo booth beside B2-49
  • Bø, Notodden and Porsgrunn campuses
    There is a photo booth by the student/service centre.
  • Rauland campus
    You can take a photo at the department office in Rauland.

Student ID

In order to show that you are a student at HSN, use the student ID app. This is your semester receipt. The information is stored locally on your phone and you do not need to be online to use it (except for the first time).

  1. Download the app from: 
    App Store (iOS)
    Google Play (Android) 
    Windows store (Windows)
  2. Sign in to select the University College of Southeast Norway as the institution, and use your use HSN username and password.
  3. The app is valid once you have completed the semester registration on Studentweb and your semester fee payment has been registered. Note that it may take three to five days after you have paid the semester fee until it is registered on Studentweb.

Anyone who gives a student discount must accept the student ID app, and you can use it as ID at exams.

Logg på med brukernavn og passord, og du ser om studentbeviset ditt er gyldig eller ikke.