Do I need a visa to study in Norway?

The new immigration act gives stricter rules for family immigration for citizens outside EU/EAA. Read more here:

All students from outside of EU/EEA must require a student visa before travelling to Norway.

The new Act introduces new criteria for granting family immigration permits. There are stricter requirements for assured subsistence (financial support) and a requirement of four years of work experience and/or education in Norway in order to be granted family immigration permits.

In family immigration cases, the main rule is that the person living in Norway must be able to document a sufficient income the year before he or she wishes to bring his/her family to Norway, and he/she must also be able to prove that he/she will have sufficient income the following year. In addition, a new requirement is introduced stating that the reference person in Norway, as a main rule, must not have received social security benefits in the past year.

The main rule is further that family immigration permits will not be granted, unless the reference person has worked or studied in Norway for four years.

Once You Have Arrived - You Need to Register Within 7 Days at the Local Police Station

The procedure to set up an appointment is done online. Please view the procedures here:

Norwegian ID/ registration on UDI:

Go to

Choose English as your language and create an account:

After you complete the application, please print and keep it as you need to bring it along to your appointment with the police. During the registration online, you will have an arranged appointment to police.

When you go to your police appointment, you additionally need to bring a valid passport or identity card and:

- confirmation of admission to an approved educational institution (USN acceptance letter).

- confirmation of private health insurance or European health insurance card.

- personal declaration stating that you have sufficient finances to support themselves if you are an EU/EEA student, and verification of deposit of sufficient funds if you are a student from outside the EU/EEA area.

- Norwegian address

NOTE: it takes up to 2 weeks to get a permit card.

Please refer to UDI for all questions related to visa, study permits and family reunification.