How do I get a Norwegian National Identity Number?

The procedures for getting a Norwegian National Identity Number will vary according to your nationality and length of stay.

Nationality is divided into:
- Non-EU/EEA citizens
- EU/EEA citizens
- Nordic citizens (Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland)

Here are the definitions of the “D-number” and the National Identity Number:
National Identity number:

Non-EU/EEA citizens:
The following information is valid from April 17th, 2020

Non-EU/EEA students studying in Norway for more than nine months, will automatically receive a Norwegian National Identity Number after reporting to the police station. Students will receive this by postal mail.

Non-EU/EEA students studying in Norway for less than nine months will automatically receive a D-number a few weeks after the appointment with the police. Students will receive this by postal mail. The D-number is not the same as the National Identity Number.

EU/EEA citizens:

EU/EEA students who are planning to be here more than six months can obtain a permanent ID number/National Identity Number (also known as fødselsnummer or "birth number"). In order to do so you must register in the Norwegian population registry by reporting a move to Norway.

Only designated tax offices have the possibility of registering the move to Norway. For the campuses covered in USN’s region, the following tax offices offer these services: Drammen, Sandvika, Skien and Tønsberg.

All visitors to the tax office must book an online appointment prior to visiting the tax office.

Here is a list of the required documents:

  • Passport or national ID card with a photograph of you and information about your citizenship and gender.
  • Registration certificate issued by the police or Residence Permit Card from police.
  • A valid house purchase contract or tenancy agreement valid for at least 6 months. If the tenancy agreement is older than 3 months, you need to bring a confirmation from the lessor showing that the contract is still valid. If you do not have a contract stating that you have purchased a residence or a rental contract, you`ll need to bring proof of address.
  • Confirmation that you are a student showing that you will be in Norway for 6 months or more.
  • Please note that he housing contract must show the dates of rental and the signatures of you and SSN.

This is the form you must fill out to report a move to Norway:

Nordic citizens:

Nordic students do not need to registrer with the police, but can follow the same procedure as the EU/EEA-students to obtain a permanent ID number/National Identity Number.

For more information please visit:

Please remember to clearly mark your mailbox with your full legal name as in your ID/passport.