What kind of sport activities can I attend?

There’s no reason to stay indoors when you're studying in Norway. There are fun things to do, whether you are visiting the coast, the mountains, or somewhere in between. Check out The Norwegian Trekking association for information on hikes near your campus. The Student Welfare Organisation runs two sports centers - one at Campus Vestfold and one in Drammen.There are several subgroups of the student community who are doing sports at almost all campuses. The groups will inform students about their offerings each semester. And, not at least: ASK YOUR BUDDIES at the semester start!


More information about activities in Drammen



In Hønefoss there are several fitness clubs, such as Elixia which often provide student-friendly offers.



More information about sport activities:


HiT IL is the students’ own student sports club. In Bø there are different groups dedicated to sports, such as basketball, football (soccer)/Futsal, Indoor bandy, Volleyball, Ultimate frisbee, Swimming, Badminton, Beach Volleyball. Check out their facebook page.

Today the club is made up of 150 members and is a great way for students to get involved in sports outside of their studies. The level is suitable for everyone.

In addition to offering sports and physical activities, HiT IL also organises a range of activities like Quiz Nights, "Ski-play" events, theme parties and lots more.


Almost every day of the week, one can attend a varied amount of sport activities organized by the students themselves. It might vary from year to year. Activities that can be enjoyed are volleyball, basketball, kendo, climbing, orientation, juggling and outdoor swimming. Many students enjoy swimming and sauna, as it is open between 18:00 and 21:00 from Monday to Thursday, for free. Everyone can join the activities no matter what their skill levels are.


In Porsgrunn there are different groups dedicated to sports and outdoor life, such as football (soccer), underwater rugby, a martial arts and self-defence group, beach volleyball, an outdoor life group and others.


There are several subgroups of the student community who are doing sports at almost all campuses. Ask your buddies at the semester start for more information.