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Orientation Day

During Orientation Day you will get familiar with campus facilities, provided with all kinds of practical information related to your studies and living in Norway, and get to meet your co-students.

Participation on Orientation day is important for all international students.

Here you will get all necessary information on how to survive in Norway, all the practicalities and need-to-know basics to get started on your new student life at USN!

All new students should arrive in time to attend the orientation day in the beginning of each semester. For Spring Semester, an overview of dates for orientations will be updated soon.

Orientation Day autumn 2016

Campus Bø

  • All new exchange students to Campus Bø must plan to arrive January 2nd or January 3rd. Student volunteers will meet students upon arrival in Bø during the official arrival days. There will be required orientation sessions January 4th and January 5th (including a visit to the police station for EU students). Classes start immediately the week after for all programs. Students will receive more detailed information prior to arrival.

Campus Drammen

  • Start-up dates varies, and will be given each student in the admission letters.

Campus Kongsberg

  • Orientation day Monday 15 January.
  • First day of courses: Tuesday 16 January

Campus Notodden

  • Orientation day Thursday 4 January

    Visit for police registration Friday 5 January (transportation to Bø will be provided)

Campus Porsgrunn

  • TBA

Campus Rauland

  • Students to Norwegian Folk Music programme has start-up 15 January.

Campus Ringerike

  • TBA

Campus Vestfold

  • TBA