Kurs og emner - ph.d. i pedagogiske ressurser og læreprosesser

Her finner du oversikt over planlagte kurs og emner for ph.d. i pedagogiske ressurser og læreprosesser


Tentativt studietilbud for emner i ph.d-programmet Pedagogiske ressurser og læreprosesser i barnehage og skole. Studietilbudene vil bli satt i gang under forutsetning av at det blir tilstrekkelig antall deltagere.


Høst 2018:

Plakat - kurs i multimodlitet


Friday 21. September, Monday 24 September and Tuesday 25 September  (09.00-16.00)


Seminar for doctoral candidates  

In this intensive seminar for doctoral candidates we examine how the concepts of human rights and intersectionality might together inform educational theory and praxis to enable social justice. It is open to international participants researching educational inequalities in diverse contexts, from a range of disciplinary perspectives. The starting point is that learning communities are not neutral places and educators have a choice about whether to work to interrupt or ignore systemic injustice. Human rights present a utopian vision, recognising multiple identities and offering a moral and legal framework for justice. Intersectionality offers researchers a tool to examine how multiple and interwoven inequalities (related to gender, ethnicity, sexuality, migration status and so on) impact on achievement, citizenship and participation. Through formal presentations, discussions, workshops, guided reading, and preparation for a written paper, participants will have opportunities to discuss research and share experiences in a supportive environment.

Applicants should compete the form required and also write a statement (2 pages maximum) outlining their research and indicating explaining how this seminar will support their research goals. Credit will be given to those who attend the seminar and successfully complete a written paper linked  to their research topic. This seminar is designed for registered PhD candidates in social science and education but early career researchers (i.e. those holding post doctoral positions) are also welcome to apply.   



  • Akademisk skriving (5 stp. valgemne) Kode: PHDAK 

  • Fagansvarlige er professor Norunn Askeland og professor Ragnhild Lund

  • Søknadsfrist 20. August

  • Onsdag 12. september, Onsdag 17. oktober og Onsdag 14. november. Innlevering av eksamensteksten: Torsdag 6. desember

  • For PEDRES-kandidater og kandidater på Kulturstudier: påmelding via StudentWeb

    For andre: påmelding via søknadsskjema som sendes til Liv-Anne.Halderaker@usn.no


NVIVO kurs 12. - 14. november, Rom: A1-18, Biblioteket Campus Vestfold

( kurset gir ikke studiepoeng)

Søknadsfrist 26. oktober

Påmelding til kurset via skjema som sendes til Liv-Anne.Halderaker@usn.no

Om kursholderen:
Mrs. Ayça Alayli, developmental/educational psychologist
Currently working as a researcher at Utrecht University in the ISOTIS project (strengthening inclusive education and social support to overcome societal inequalities).
Former educational specialist in AÇEV (Mother Child Education Foundation in Turkey), a non-profit organization for early childhood education for disadvantaged groups, e.g. children with limited access to education, poverty, refugees.
Research experience from designing and conducting studies in diverse fields (populations with social and economic disadvantages) with a main interest in early childhood period among both typically and atypically developing children (e.g. children with disabilities, reared in institutions).
Two years of experience as a training assistant; specialist on higher education; expertise in developing, implementing and evaluating measures for competency and skill development.

Preliminary course plan:

Day 1:

  • The basics: the structure of nodes, codes, cases;
  • How to use sources, documents etc.


Day 2:

  • Working on examples and illustrations (participants working together with/under guidance of Ayça)
  • The meaning and the use of coding trees.
  • Approaches for coding, use of nodes, how to link memos and other resources.
  • Useful functions such as running queries, examining trends, comparisons etc.


Day 3:

  • Elaboration and working on participant’s material under guidance
  • Advanced functions such as running queries, examining trends, comparisons etc.
  • Use of NVIVO especially in mixed methods



Vår 2019:

Pedagogiske ressurser og læreprosesser (10 stp. fellesemne)