Arts-based research in education and culture

The course aims to introduce qualitative and arts-based methodology relevant in studies of educational and cultural contexts and phenomena. The methodology acknowledges that the researcher's senses, feelings, experiences, attitudes, values and agendas inevitably affects the research process. Achieving trustworthiness and excellence in such research requires systematics and ethical responsibility in the whole research process. Arts-based research is a continuous learning process that demands researchers’ reflection and self-development

The course presents the most important challenges of applying such methodologyin today’s international contexts and gives the participants basic “tools” needed in order to apply arts-based inquiry in their PhD- and other projects. Such tools are for example: awareness of own subjectivities, ethical responsibilities, attention to nuanced qualities in human interactions, related methods and approaches, relevant forms of research dissemination. Several relevant methods, recognized internationally, will be introduced. Some of them are less known in Norway, such as for instance A/R/T-ography. 




Participation with  submission of essay 5 ECTS. If you would like to audit the course, you will receive 1 credit for your participation.

Course plan and reading list Spring 2018


Contact: Biljana Fredriksen : or Marte Gulliksen: