Education for social justice in education – human rights and intersectionality

In this intensive seminar for doctoral candidates (5 ECTs), we examine how the concepts of human rights and intersectionality might together inform educational theory and praxis to enable social justice.

It is open to international participants researching educational inequalities in diverse contexts, from a range of disciplinary perspectives. The starting point is that learning communities are not neutral places and educators have a choice about whether to work to interrupt or ignore systemic injustice. Human rights present a utopian vision, recognising multiple identities and offering a moral and legal framework for justice. Intersectionality offers researchers a tool to examine how multiple and interwoven inequalities (related to gender, ethnicity, sexuality, migration status and so on) impact on achievement, citizenship and participation. Through formal presentations, discussions, workshops, guided reading, and preparation for a written paper, participants will have opportunities to discuss research and share experiences in a supportive environment. 



  • Apply by 29th of February 2016.


  • 10th, 11th and 12th of May 2016 (09.00-16.00)



  • Deltagelse med innlevering av essay gir 5 studiepoeng. Deltagelse uten essay gir 1 studiepoeng.

Neste gjennomføring:

  • 2016

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