Midterm evaluation – Applied Micro- and Nanosystems

At the Department we have a system of evaluating the PhD candidates 1-2 years before their final dissertation. For a three-year candidate, the evaluation will take place in the third semester, wheras for four-year candidates; it will be in the fourth.

The candidate writes a short report and give a presentation, in public, where questions can be asked by the audience and evaluators. Two evaluators will give oral and written feedback to the candidate and the supervisors.

Before the examination takes place the candidate prepares the short report. The report, together with any published work by the candidate, will be sent to the evaluators at least one week before the planned examination date.

The report should include:

  • Summary of work done so far
  • List of publications and planned papers
  • List the planned future activities
  • Clearly describe what the contribution to science is, so far
  • Identify relevant work what will NOT be a part of the PhD thesis

After the presentation, the evaluators are given the opportunity to ask questions to the candidate first. Then the audience may ask. This is all during the public presentation (all interested are invited to take part in this). Afterwards, there is a closed meeting for the candidate, the two evaluators, the supervisors, and other scientific staff at USN. Then the evaluators will give more detailed feedback, and any possible corrective actions can be discussed.

Finally, the evaluators provide a written feedback to the candidate and advisors by filling in the Midterm evaluation report.


Midterm evaluation report

PhD Midterm Report - template for the candidate