Pressure control inside oil wells

Prasanna Welahettige. Foto

Prasanna Welahettige is researching how to improve the oil well drilling process by developing a new mathematical model for flow of drilling mud.

Prasanna Welahettige (29) from Sri Lanka is a PhD candidate at the doctoral program in Process, Energy and Automation Engineering at the University College of Southeast Norway. He is developing a new flow sensor technology using a simple Venturi technique that can be used for oil well drilling mud flow.

The study is part of the «Semi-kidd»-project, funded by the Research Council of Norway (project 255348/E30) and Statoil.

– Why are you researching this?

Mathematical models are capable of predicting drill mudflow rate. My goal is to develop new mathematical models for control of drill mudflow rate in an open Venturi channel.

This will help to control the pressure inside oil wells and it will be a new knowledge to the world.

– What do you want to achieve?

– I want to create new knowledge and technology that opens a door for new opportunities. With this project, I hope to reduce the risk and improve the production of oil wells.