James Neil Coburn

Førsteamanuensis i engelsk

Fakultet for humaniora, idretts- og utdanningsvitenskap
Institutt for språk og litteratur
Campus Drammen (12014)
My main research interests are: - English language teacher education, especially in-service teacher education and continuing professional development (CPD) for English teachers - Online learning communities and online English language teacher education - exploiting digital possibilities ( e.g Video feedback as formative assessment; eTwinning). - Classroom research on English language teaching - Plurilingualism - My PhD dissertation is entitled The Professional Development of English Teachers. It assesses the impact of an in-service English language teacher education course on participant teachers' practices and cognitions. The course was part of the Norwegian in-service teacher education program: Competence for Quality. I have published articles about the use of Skype in online English teaching and the design of online courses for English teachers. I am working as an Associate Professor of English at the University of South-Eastern Norway.


  • Course leader - Online courses: English 1 (year 8-13): In-service Education for Secondary School Teachers
  • Course leader - Online courses: English Teacher education for Primary and Lower Secondary School (year 5-10)


Areas of interest:
English language teacher education; continuing professional development (CPD); Online Teacher Education
English language teacher education
Subject areas:
English teaching                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Seed projects:
Video feedback as formative assessment (2018-19)
eTwinning for Teacher Training Institutions (2019-2020)                                                                                                                     





2013 - 2016 - Ph.d -  English Language Teacher Education. Inland University in Norway  

2007- 2010 - Masters: Teaching English as a Foreign Language. University of Oslo, Norway

1993 -2002 - Various courses in English Language, Literature and Culture.

1992 -1993 - Post-graduate Certificate of Education. University College of Buskerud

1976 -1979 - Bachelor of Science: Management. University of Warwick, UK.


2017 -2018 - Associate Professor - English Language Teacher Education - University of South East Norway

2016 -2017 - University Lecturer - English Language Teacher Education - Inland University of Norway

2011 -2012 - University Lecturer - English Language Teacher Educator - University of Agder

2006 -2011 - Online English educator, course designer - Bahai Institute of Higher Education

1993 - 2005 - English teacher - various Upper Secondary Schools in Norway

1979 - 1992 - School teaching assistant, social worker with refugees and asylum seekers, care worker  




Coburn, J. (2010). Teaching oral English online through Skype (VOIP). Acta Didactica Norge, 4(1)

Coburn, J. (2014). Comparing varieties of in-service English Language Training for primary school teachers in Norway. Acta Didactica Norge, 1(4),

Coburn, J. (2019). PhD revisited: The Professional Development of English Language Teachers: Investigating the design and impact of a national in-service EFL teacher education course. Bok kapittel. p.397-417 i English didactics in Norway - 30 years of doctoral research: Universitetsforlaget, Oslo

Coburn, J., & Borg, S. (2022). The Impact of an In-Service Course on Primary School English Teachers: Case studies of Change. European Journal of Teacher Education, 1-17.


Utdanning (04.02. 2016) - Our children need qualified English teachers 


The Professional Development of English Teachers