Salah Uddin Ahmed


USN Handelshøyskolen
Institutt for økonomi, markedsføring og jus
Campus Ringerike (A 318)





Selected Publications

       Trifonova, A., Ahmed, S. U., Jaccheri, L. (2008) SArt: Towards Innovation at the intersection of Software engineering and art.  In Proc. 16th Int’l Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD'07), 2007, Galway, Ireland. In Chris Barry, Michael Lang, W. Wojtkowski, G. Wojtkowski, S. Wrycza, and J. Zupancic (Eds.): "The Inter-Networked World: ISD Theory, Practice, and Education", Springer-Verlag US, ISBN 978-0-387-78577-6, 18 pp.  * Nominated for the best paper award.

       Ahmed, S. U., Trifonova, A., (2007) “Software Engineering Processes under the Influence of Aesthetics and Art Projects”. In Proc. 2nd Int'l Doctoral Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering, 2007, Madrid, Spain, 7 pp.


       Ahmed S. U., “Achieving pervasive awareness through artwork” (2008). In 3rd ACM International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts DIMEA 2008. ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, ISBN 978-1-60558-248-1.


       Ahmed S. U., Jaccheri L., Trifonova A., Sindre G., (2009) “Conceptual framework for the intersection of software and art”. In Handbook of Research on Computational Arts and Creative Informatics, IGI Global Publishing, May 2009, ISBN 978-1-60566-352-4, 500 pages, Ch. 2, pp. 26-44.


       Ahmed S. U., Camerano C., Fortuna L., Frasca M.,Jaccheri L.,  (2009) “Information technology and art: Concepts and state of the practice”. In Borko Furht (Ed.): Handbook of Multimedia for Digital Entertainment and Arts, Springer, 2009, 769 pages, ISBN 978-0-387-89023-4, Ch. 4, pp. 567-592.


       Ahmed S. U., Mahmud A. A., Bergaust K., (2009) “Aesthetics in Human-Computer Interaction: Views and Reviews”. In Proc. 30th International Conference on HCI - New Trends in Human-Computer Interaction, San Diego, USA, 2009. Springer Verlag LNCS 5610, ISSN 0302-9743, ISBN 978-3-642-02573-0, 913 pages, part 4, pp. 559-568.


      Ahmed S. U., Jaccheri L, M’kadmi S., (2009) “Sonic Onyx: Case Study of an Interactive Artwork”. In Proc. 1st Int’l Conference on Arts and Technology, ArtsIT 2009 - Taiwan, Sept. 24-25, 2009, Springer Verlag LNICST, Vol. 30, 292 pages, ISBN 978-3-642-11576-9, ISSN 1867-8211 pp. 40-47.


       Salah Uddin Ahmed, “Developing Software Dependent Artwork: Artists and Software Developers Collaboration” (2011). Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, ISSN 0024-094X, 45(1):2pp (2011)