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First Graduates: Joint MA in NoFri (Nordic Outdoor Studies)

Graduates and teachers from Joint MA Nordic Friluftsliv
SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE: Graduates and teachers from Joint MA Nordic Friluftsliv (Outdoor Life). (Photo: Kirsten Wielandt Houe, USN)

We congratulate the first 10 students to graduate from our Nordic Master in Friluftsliv Studies!

Out of 16 students accepting the MA and 14 meeting for the first day of studies, 10 students finally presented their master thesis and graduated from The Nordic Master in Friluftsliv Studies in June.

The Nordic Master in Friluftsliv Studies is run collaboratively by a consortium of four Nordic universities, each of which is recognized as a nationally leading university in the field of Friluftsliv/Outdoor studies. 

The students spent the first semester at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH), Stockholm. Second semester was spent at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) at campus Bø, in cooperation with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH), Oslo. The third semester at Hólar University (HU) at Iceland. 

All partners were represented when the students presented their thesis’s: The Swedish school of Sport and Health science, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Holár University and the University of South-Eastern Norway. We are extremely proud of these students and grateful to The Nordic council of ministers for funding.

Niels Rösche from Belgium was one of the graduating students. During the ceremonyNiels Rösche at graduation MA Nordic Friluftsliv he said:

– The program brings together people from countries in Europe and outside the EU with different passions, but all with the focus on the outdoor. This contributes to interesting conversations. Also living in three countries allows you to be in different areas and experience how they perceive “friluftsliv” (outdoor studies) in slightly different ways, which is interesting.




The Nordic Master in Friluftsliv Studies, (NoFri) gives you the option to study people’s nature-culture relations in three Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden and Iceland. It gives you the knowledge you need to contribute to adventurous explorations, environmental learning, active living and well-being. 

The Nordic council of Ministers supports the program.