9202 PhD course in Theories of Culture 2018

In accord with the over-all idea of our PhD programme in Culture Studies, this course in Theories of Culture should reach from a multidisciplinary to an interdisciplinary approach, integrating both practice and theory. It addresses students from the performing as well as the theoretical disciplines.

11 Sep

Praktisk informasjon

The ambition of the course is to promote the understanding of culture as various cultural practices, and demonstrate the importance of theories in the investigation of a concrete practice. The lectures will provide surveys of the field, while concrete theoretical approaches will be taken up and discussed in relation to the participants’ projects.

Deadline for application is 10 August. After having been admitted, and one week before the beginning of the course, the participants must submit a draft essay of 2,000 words. Those who are enrolled in a PhD programme should consider whether/how this essay may be part of their thesis (as an introductory/theoretical chapter/independent article etc.). The final essay, based on the draft, should be of 5,000–6,000 words, written in either English or a Scandinavian language. The successful completion of the course gives 7,5 ECTS. More information concerning the essay will be given during the course. The participants will be divided into peer groups, each with a scientific consultant. Max. 12 participants.

Seminar 1: Culture and Meaning

11th to 13th of September, se full programme.

Seminar 2: Culture and Power

2nd to 4th of October, see full programme.

27 October 2017: Deadline for submission of essay (definitive version). The essay should be rooted in the course literature and tuition. It should be of 5,000–6.000 words, scientifically formatted and with a bibliography.

17 November: Marking (Passed/Not Passed).