Bieke Gils

Associate Professor

Fakultet for humaniora, idretts- og utdanningsvitenskap
Institutt for friluftsliv, idrett og kroppsøving
Campus Bø (1-221)
I am a sport sociologist/historian with a specific interest in the field of gender and the moving (fe)male body. My research to date has been largely historical in nature and has focused on female pioneers in a variety of fields, physical culture and aspects of gender and sexuality around the turn of the twentieth century. Currently I am working on several projects about female leadership in Norway, in different sporting contexts.


I am responsible for IDR 101: Samfunn, kropp og bevegelse (1st year Bachelor course in idrettsvitenskap/sport sciences)

I mentor bachelor as well as master students in their research projects and teach in the following courses:

IDR 101: Samfunn, kropp, bevegelse

IDR 1013: Sosiologi 2

IDR 1111: Sosiologi 3

IDR 1031: Arrangements- og prosjektledelse

IDR 1040: Planlegging, helse og tilrettelegging

IDR 1071: Instruktørrollen i helserelatert trening

IDR 1307: Master i kroppsøving, idrett og friluftsliv

IDR 1317: Bevegelse, politikk, medier

IDR 1313: Verdier, læring, ledelse

2560: Gender and culture in an international perspective

I am a member of two USN based research groups: 

Sports and politics:

Body, movement, meaning:


2015-2016: Postdoctoral researcher, School of Kinesiology, University of British Columbia, Canada with Dr. Patricia Vertinsky.

2009-2014: Ph.D., School of Kinesiology (Faculty of Education), University of British Columbia, Canada. Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Vertinsky

2007-2009: Master in Sport Management/Kinesiology, University of Windsor, Ontario with Dr. Scott Martin and Dr. Kathleen McCrone

2002-2006: Bachelor in Sport Management/Kinesiology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium with Dr. Roland Renson and Dr. Pascal Delheye


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Pål Augestad, Liv Hemmestad, Bieke Gils & Trine Thoresen (2021). Omsorg som barriere, som kompetanse og som prestasjonsressurs, in Idrett, kjønn og ledelse: Festskrift til Jorid Hovden, ed. A. Tjønndal. Fagbokforlaget. 

Sarah Koch, Liv Yoon & Bieke Gils (2020). From the Exposome to the Socioexposome in COVID-19 Research—A Call for More Multidisciplinary Research. JAMA Netw Open 3(12):e2032287. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.32287

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